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Bodybuilding Legend Bill Pearl Narrowly Escapes Death

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Bodybuilding legend Bill Pearl recently had a lawn mower accident that could have ended a lot worse than it did. According to a Facebook post on April 7th, Bill Pearl narrowly escaped death when he somehow wound up facedown underneath his riding lawn mower. The bizarre accident left Bill with a compression fracture of his T-10 Vertebrae as well as a neck fracture.

“…He was using the smaller Craftsman riding mower and it got stuck on a squirrel mound, so he put it in reverse to back off of it and it kind of jumped, and being close to an embankment, rolled over the edge and came to rest against the barn, on top of Bill's back.”

On April 11th, Bill was in the ICU following a second surgery to stabilize the neck fracture which ironically was missed during the first long and complicated surgery to treat the compression fracture of his T-10 Vertebrae.

As of April 14th, the 4-time Mr. Universe was resting comfortably and recovering well going through some occupational and physical therapy.

It looks like the 91-year-old legend is on the road to recovery. Before the accident, Bill lead a healthy lifestyle and remained active in his retirement. We’re pretty sure he’ll continue with that once he’s fully healed.

We at Muscle Insider wish Bill a speady recovery.

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