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Bodybuilder Jon De La Rosa Undergoes Surgery

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In a recent interview with Dennis James, Metabolic Nutrition sponsored athlete Jon De La Rosa disclosed that he had torn his left bicep. This would now have him out of competition for quite a while, but with a goal to return to the stage in late summer early fall. Jon will be taking the next 2-3 weeks off from any arm workouts to properly heal from surgery. 

To be clear, Jon sustained a micro tear to his left biceps. He had substantial mobility heading into surgery, but any further strain that would be put on that muscle could cause a much worse and substantial injury.

The cause of the injury probably isn’t from what you would think, but instead an unforeseen circumstance. Jon was actually trying to comfort his dog from the sounds of thunder, but sustained the micro-tear to his biceps when he picked him up.

 “I went to go pick up my dog, he’s a 35 lb dog. I picked him up, I was consoling him, making sure he’s okay from the thunder he was scared of…I went to pick him up, I set him back down and my bicep kind of just stayed there. It’s a very small tear. It’s a micro tear. I just got my MRI results back but unfortunately, I can’t compete until August, maybe September.”

The 2019 Toronto Pro SuperShow champ had wanted to make his 2022 debut at the New York Pro. A little heart broken, Jon now intends to hit the stage some time in August or September.

We wish Jon all the best and speedy recovery.

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