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Bikini Pro Courtney King Out of the Olympia

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Bikini Pro Courtney King Out of the Olympia

As of just a few hours ago, IFBB Bikini Pro Courtney King has announced why her name is not on the competitors list for the 2017 Bikini Olympia.

She said it was a matter of her health, most importantly. In no uncertain terms, she stated that you have to be all-in when it comes to prepping for a competition, and she was actually going back and forth about whether she should get on stage. Between some stomach bug she had immediately after the Arnold Classic in March (followed by surgery), and her own doubts about whether she should compete, she's made the responsible decision not to step on stage.

"I'm putting my health first on this one, because health is the most important. You can always go back and step on stage."