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Is Big Ramy Competing Or Not?

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By Domenic Mauro

When we last touched on the subject, Big Ramy had a shoulder injury and was optimistic enough to believe he could take on Dexter Jackson for a win at the Tampa Pro to earn a spot at the 2019 Olympia. 

Well, after a conversation with Ramy, Chris Aceto let his friend Dave Palumbo know that Big Ramy wasn’t going to compete at all and was out for the rest of the year.

As the day progressed, more news came out that Ramy left his coach Neil Hill.

To make things more confusing, Big Ramy took to social media and starting posting in his stories on Instagram. Here you can see him working out and eventually tells us he didn’t need surgery. 

He also followed it up with a post on his Instagram page where again he tells us he doesn’t need surgery, but instead some much needed rest.

Stay tuned as Big Ramy will set the story straight in an interview with his sponsor Dragon Pharma.


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