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Beyeke and De Asha Out of Arnold Classic

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Nathan De Asha and Lionel Beyeke are two names that bodybuilding fans are looking forward to seeing on stage at the Arnold Classic 2020. Unfortunately, sources are reporting that both Beyeke and De Asha are out of the Arnold Classic Ohio this weekend.

It was just one day ago that Nathan posted a photo of his physique update in front of the “magic mirror” at Oxygen Gym in Kuwait. While De Asha’s physique was looking hard and grainy, he commented “80% and loading.” Nathan has faced a few hurdles in his competition career over the past several months. It is looking as though he has used this time effectively, to bring a physique that is truly next level.

Unless you were one that started to read through the hundreds of comments on this Instagram post, you may have thought everything was looking right on track for De Asha leading into this weekend’s competition. Fans started to catch on to the fact that he is posting progress pics from Kuwait, just a day out from the Arnold Classic weekend. One fan asked the question of De Asha, whether he will be competing in Ohio this weekend. Nathan did take the time to reply to this question, to say that due to coronavirus, the embassy has the passport office on lockdown. As a result, he is now setting his sights on the Arnold Classic Australia.

On another note, Lionel Beyeke has also announced via social media, that he will not be competing at the Arnold Classic this weekend. The announcement was made in the form of an apology to his fans and friends.

“I want to apologize to you friends and fans. My absence from this competition is really not my will. It is really with a heavy heart that I announce my ABSENCE to the Arnold classic Columbus 2020.” Beyeke explains, “Apparently there someone in high places decided to harm me until end. Some people have the right to move and others do not. I cannot give more details. But I know one thing that only the will of God will accomplish in my life. No one has the right to prevent a man from be able to do their job or their trade. Once again my heart is in pain of not being able to go on stage at the Arnold Classic Columbus 2020. All my efforts and my sacrifices once again in the water. But thank God in all circumstances and trust him.”

Lionel does not offer much clarification of the details surrounding his absence from this weekend’s event. The announcement does have a very ominous tone, but we know in our hearts, that Lionel will make it through this difficult time. We look forward to hearing Beyeke announce when the struggles have passed, so we can once again see him shine. 


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