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Arnold Strongman Heads to So Cal on Jan. 19

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By Loan Cat 

Southern California fans of Strongman competitions will get a chance to see some of the sport’s biggest and buffest compete on the famous Boardwalk of Santa Monica Pier on Jan. 19.

Hosted by Arnold himself and the Arnold Sports Festival, the folks who bring you the Arnold Classic from five different continents each year, the Arnold Pro Strongman USA will feature at least 10 of the world’s greatest strongman.

It’s part of the Arnold Pro Strongman World Series, one of several worldwide qualifying events for next month’s Arnold Classic Strongman finals, set for Columbus, Ohio. A portion of the proceeds benefit California firefighters.

Participants will in events such as Log Press (opening weight is 385 pounds), Last Man Standing Deadlift (700 pounds), Rogue Sandbag Carry (400 pounds), the Antique Fire Truck Pull, and Atlas Stone to Shoulder for reps (400 pounds).

Previous Arnold Strongman Brian Clark (USA), Jimmy Paquet (Canada), and Jerry Pritchett (USA) are among the select group of athletes expected to compete to defend their Arnold Classic Strongman titles. 

The Pier, Boardwalk, and the history of nearby Muscle Beach in Venice, California, have long brought bodybuilders and strength athletes to the area. 

See ArnoldSportsFestival.com for more information.