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Arnold Stars in Cartoon Series Superhero Kindergarten

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is known to nearly everyone around the world, either for his legendary bodybuilding career, the numerous popular movies he starred in, his time spent as the former Governor of California from 2003 – 2007, as well as being the creator of the Arnold’s Sports Festival.

As if this wasn’t enough for any person’s legacy, Schwarzenegger will now be portrayed as a cartoon hero on his new show Superhero Kindergarten. Schwarzenegger plays the character of a gym coach who acquires incredible superpowers from a mysterious comet and becomes Captain Fantastic, one of the earth’s greatest protectors. He works undercover as a kindergarten teacher to raise a new generation of super-powered kids. The series follows the adventures of six superpowered kindergarteners learning to master their abilities with the help of Arnold Armstrong.

The cartoon series was first brainstormed between the late Stan Lee and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The action-adventure comedy series which targets kids ages 4 – 7, is co-produced by Alibaba Group, Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment, and Schwarzenegger’s Oak Productions. As well as his likeness, Schwarzenegger lends his voice to the lead character Arnold Armstrong, aka. Captain Fantastic. Fabian Nicieza, co-creator of Deadpool, is scripting the series.

“Years ago, Stan Lee and I spoke of such a project, and I’m excited to finally bring great storytelling to kids around the world, which will also promote lessons of health, exercise, fitness, and anti-bullying,” commented Arnold Schwarzenegger. "Stan Lee's Superhero Kindergarten is near and dear to my heart. What an honor it was to collaborate with [Stan Lee] on the creation of the series, and I am absolutely thrilled that our new series has resonated so strongly with audiences right out of the gate."

Arnold Schwarzenegger joins Genius Brands’ Chairman and CEO Andy Heyward, as well as Paul Wachter, CEO of Main Street Advisors, and President of POW! Entertainment Gill Champion, as Executive Producers. The new show will be available on Amazon Prime and has already premiered the first two episodes of the series on Kartoon channel on April 23, 2021.

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