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Arnold Schwarzenegger Has Pacemaker Surgery

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By Roger "Rock" Lockridge


Seven-time Mr. Olympia, former California governor, and Arnold Sports Festival promoter Arnold Schwarzenegger is now even more of a machine than his fans may have realized. Earlier this week, word came out that the bodybuilding and Hollywood icon has underwent surgery to have a pacemaker installed. He first personally shared the news to his subscribers on the Pump Club app before also discussing it in his newsletter.

“First of all, I want you to know I’m doing great! I had my surgery on Monday, and by Friday, I was already at a big environmental event with my friend and fellow fitness crusader Jane Fonda,” Schwarzenegger wrote in the Monday, March 25 edition of the newsletter. He had heart surgeries in the past, and he shared that he’d been talking with doctors about this already, including in-person visits every year. Schwarzenegger has had heart issues in the past, including three previous surgeries. By all accounts, the non-invasive surgery was a success, and Schwarzenegger expressed gratitude to the doctors and team members that worked on him. “I want to thank my whole team at the Cleveland Clinic. All of the doctors and nurses took amazing care of me and made the surgery as painless as possible.”

Schwarzenegger was coming off a busy March, including his big event, highlighted by the 36th Arnold Classic in Columbus, OH on the weekend of March 1-3, followed by a special appearance with Twins co-star Danny DeVito at the 96th Academy Awards, where the duo presented an award while coming face-to-face with fellow Hollywood great and Batman star Michael Keaton, calling him out for their onscreen faceoffs in those films.

He then traveled across the Atlantic to the Arnold Classic UK event in Birmingham, England on March 15-17. He had the surgery immediately after he returned to the United States from Europe.

He also shared that he won’t be pumping iron anytime soon (couldn’t resist the pun), but he will be walking regularly and still feels he will be ready to shoot the latest season of FUBAR. Filming for the hit Netflix series begins in May. Early speculation is that the new season will be released on the streaming platform before the end of 2024.

“I will be 100% ready for FUBAR next month!”

Aside from his surgery and travels, Schwarzenegger and his team have been dedicated to the newsletter and app, both of which are parts of his latest ventures in what he calls his “fitness crusade” to help others get active and live a fit lifestyle. He has also shared news about his life and career there before other places are made aware. To join his “village,” you can download the Pump app on both Apple and Android devices and subscribe to the paid service, which includes workouts, articles, and Q&A’s with Arnold himself. His newsletter is available for free by signing up at www.arnoldspumpclub.com

Everyone at Muscle Insider wishes Schwarzenegger a speedy and complete recovery as he adjusts to his latest update and machine settings.


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