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Arnold Schwarzenegger Documentary Set To Be Released On Netflix

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By Roger “Rock” Lockridge

In 1977, the film “Pumping Iron” came out, a documentary or “docudrama” about bodybuilding that served as the unofficial launching pad for the career of Arnold Schwarznegger. It’s fitting that some 46 years later, another documentary will chronicle the journey of what’s happened since.

On May 10th, Schwarzenegger and Netflix announced that the documentary “Arnold” would premiere on the streaming service on Wednesday, June 7th. The documentary is expected to cover Schwarzenegger’s life from childhood to the current day. You can see the trailer for the documentary in the Instagram post below, which was shared on both Schwarzenegger’s and Netflix’s social media outlets.

“He’s lived three lifetimes, and he isn’t finished. Watch the trailer for @schwarzenegger’s most in depth documentary ever.”

The trailer begins with several clips of his bodybuilding career, and it’s followed by other well-known moments and achievements. Schwarzenegger is best known in bodybuilding circles as the seven-time Mr. Olympia and promoter of the Arnold Classic. The rest of the world knows him best as one of the greatest action movie stars in history, generating billions of dollars at the box office. Meanwhile, natives of California remember him as their Governor from 2003-2011. Nowadays, he’s been active as an advocate for the environment and speaking out against hate crimes and racism. Regardless of which of his “lifetimes” you remember him best; there’s a good chance Schwarzenegger had an impact on your life either directly or indirectly.

The trailer covers all of those facets of his life as well as controversial moments that he spoke about briefly in the trailer. This is only the latest project in the works for the man still known by some as the “Terminator.” Schwarzenegger and his team have also been producing “The Daily Pump” newsletter with tips about health and fitness as well as an app that helps users follow various fitness programs to achieve their goals.

This isn’t even the only project he’s working on with Netflix. On May 25, the action series “FUBAR” will premiere on the streaming service. He also has a book coming out this October called “Be Useful, Seven Tools for Life.”

Stay tuned to Muscle Insider for further details and developments about “Arnold” as they are announced.


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