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The Arnold Classic Is Going To The UK

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The Arnold Classic is heading across the pond! 

You can thank Eddie Hall, one of the biggest names in strongman, for the new event. The Arnold Classic will reach the U.K. next year, giving strength and fitness sports a massive new expo planned tentatively for Birmingham in October 2021. 

Hall is teaming up with the team behind "An Experience With", a company that plans one-off events with celebrities. 

"We have got some amazing ideas, we've got hundreds of different sports coming to the platform," Hall said in a YouTube video to announce the news. "Completely unique expo. You've never seen anything like this."

You've probably heard of the Arnold Sports Festival, one of the world's biggest strength and fitness events, which is held annually in Columbus, Ohio every March. The show hosts one of the most prestigious bodybuilding competitions of the year, along with a Strongman championship and other attractions. But that's only one of the Schwarzenegger-branded expos. There are also Arnold Classic expos in Europe (Spain), Australia, South America (Brazil), and Africa (South Africa), and the qualifying competitions like the Arnold Strongman USA event that reigning World's Strongest Man Martins Licis won last month. Hall looks to make his show another key date on the Arnold calendar, giving fitness junkies in the U.K. their own show. 

Hall says that planning begins now, giving his team two years to get the expo ready for its debut. The 2017 World's Strongest Man also posted a photo with the Governator himself on Instagram to share the news.

SOURCE: Brett Williams/Men's Health


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