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Aquaman Movie Preview

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By Loan Cat

Arthur Curry grew up like every other kid. A loving father. A caring mother. Until one day, he finds out he’s the heir to Atlantis. Arthur Curry ‘s father is a human and his mom is the Atlantean Queen, Atlanna. This is where Aquaman gets his abilty to breath under water, as well as, strength, agility and speed.

Jason Momoa will star as Arthur Curry, AKA Aquaman. To prepare for his role, and get even bigger and more jacked, Jason turns to friend and coach, Mark Twight. Together they used the Gym Jones method to get into functional shape. Momoa posted on Instagram:

Last day in the Home Gym. A big Mahalo to @wfmft for buildings this world for us and pushing me inspiring me and to Zach believing in me. It’s an honor to play Aquaman. 5 more days and I’m going back to being Hawaiian. Ready to grind cuz. Cheeehooooooi. Fish and poi. @jasonericlaciste awlright! ALOHA j

Jason has been in movies such as 300, Conan the Barbarian, and Game of Thrones. Aquaman is set to premiere in theaters on December 21. 


*Images courtesy of Instagram