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Antoine Vaillant Tears Bicep

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Canadian bodybuilding star Antoine Vaillant completely tore his left bicep a few days ago. He took to social media to let his fans know what went down. The ultrasound shows a clean and complete tear!

"My bicep is litteraly hanging from the top like a christmas ornament."

This isn’t the first time Vaillant tore his bicep. Back in 2019 he had the same thing happen to his right bicep. Not only did he make a spectacular comeback, but also qualified and competed at the Olympia in 2020!

In another social media post, Antoine gives us an update on how he’s doing and he is doing much better than the last tear on his right arm. The inflammation is much better controlled and he’s set to see the same doctor that did a fantastic job repairing the right arm. Always inspiring and motivating his fans, Vaillant vows for,

“…another successful comeback from a setback!”

All of us at Muscle Insider wish Antoine a speedy recovery and can't wait to see him dominate the stage!

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