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ALLMAX Sponsors MUSCLE INSIDER’s 4th Annual King of the Cage Contest

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MUSCLE INSIDER and ALLMAX have teamed up to bring back the King of the Cage contest to the Toronto Pro SuperShow on June 2nd and 3rd. Now in its fourth year running, the King of the Cage contest is one of the most popular events at the expo, taking place at the MUSCLE INSIDER booth all weekend.

What Is The King of the Cage Contest?

This lifting event invites men and women of all experience levels to bench press or deadlift their way to winning amazing prizes from ALLMAX and MUSCLE INSIDER. Competitors will lift one, two, three, four or five plates for as many reps as they can. Whomever gets the most reps will be crowned The King of the Cage in a highly celebrated coronation ceremony and earn an amazing prize pack from ALLMAX and MUSCLE INSIDER! This year, we will also have a one-rep max contest, a Denim Deadlift contest (don’t ask but bring your jeans) and other exciting lifting contests all weekend long.

Scott Welch, Publisher of MUSCLE INSIDER, adds his thoughts on this annual epic event:

“Our team works year-round to inform, educate and entertain our readers. The King of the Cage contest is my favourite event because it allows us to meet our fans and apply the training knowledge we've been writing about in a live environment (while having a ton of fun doing it of course)!

At the MUSCLE INSIDER cage, we convert our booth into a gym, wrap a steel fence around it, crank up the music with a live DJ, and hype everyone up on ALLMAX IMPACT right before their lift! What better way to spend a weekend than pulling and pressing with a thousand people cheering you on? Get ready for the lift of your life and I hope to see YOU at The Cage!” 

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