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ALLMAX Sponsored Athlete Johnnie Jackson Coming Out of Retirement

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IFBB Pro and ALLMAX sponsored athlete Johnnie O. Jackson and has earned the reputation as one of the fan favorites in bodybuilding, as well as being recognized by many as one of the strongest bodybuilders of all time. Jackson retired from the world of competitive bodybuilding in 2017, later to make a return to the IFBB Pro stage in 2020 at the Arnold Classic. At the age of 50, when most people would be planning how they are going to settle down, Jackson has announced that he plans to return to compete in powerlifting competitions. What may surprise you though, is that he will be competing in the Metal Militia Powerlifting Federation’s 2021 Texas Takeover on October 16th.

Johnnie took to Instagram to make the announcement, “Kept y’all waiting long enough - BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! I’ll be competing in the Metal Militia Powerlifting Federation Texas Takeover in San Antonio on October 16! Time to put those deadlifts to good work!”

We are just as excited as his fans are, to see Johnnie return to the competitive scene once again. He’s always been an exciting competitor to watch, and we can’t wait to see how he does in the world of Powerlifting. We know he will be turning to his ALLMAX Muscle EAA and ALLMAX Carbion+ to help him get ready. 

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