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7-Year Itch? Flex Lewis Contemplates Moving Up from 212

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Flex Lewis has been competing for 15 years all told, dominating the 212 Olympia for each of the past six. September’s contest, he says, will be his last – at least in that division. Earlier this month, the 34-year-old Welchman posted a back photo on Instagram showing a stellar physique at a weight of 223 pounds. To qualify at 212, he’s got to lose another 11 pounds. While that may not seem like much, based on Lewis’ photo showing striated muscle on his already-tight back, legs, and glutes, there’s not much to spare so it means cutting back muscle size in order to make weight.

Lewis posted:

“The 212lb limit is always fun to make, it’s never my best look, and there’s a lot of suffering to suck it in, that’s an understatement, but the goal is the be the greatest 212lb bodybuilder on the planet. As this is my last year my dream is to finish my career knowing I[’ve] done everything, knowing I left no stone unturned to become the Champion. The future holds a lot of options but the ONLY focus now is defending my title and ending this career as I began it... undefeated!”

Who knows what a fuller and even thicker Lewis will look like standing onstage in the open battle, but it’s already something we can look forward to in next year’s O! 

Written By: Loan Cat

*Images courtesy of Instagram