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$5 Million Reward For Accused Steroid Dealers

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By: Johnny Dbol

After a one-year investigation, DEA agents have a case against Mihael Karner, his wife Alenka, and his brother Matevz. The swolemates were running more than 200 websites selling steroids. Dbol, Deca, Cyp, Tren, Winny-V, Halo, Primo, you name it, they sold it. The family is now on the run and the cops, immigration agents, DEA and even Ben Johnson can’t catch them! So now a $5 million reward is being offered for each of their captures. Supposedly, the investigation started more than 10 years ago. But if that's true, then someone needs to fire the person who led the investigation as ten years is too long! 

"What we quickly found out when we took on the case was that literally millions of dosages of anabolic steroids were being shipped into the United States." said Andrew Lelling, U.S. Attorney

The family used a series of manufacturers, wholesalers, and re-packagers/shippers based in multiple countries to control the manufacturing and distribution of dem der evil steroids that build dem muscles up.

"What we realized was that he was probably one of the largest steroid traffickers in the world and was making tens of millions of dollars from this trade," said Lelling. "We had local housewives. We had local amateur athletes. A competitive Judo practitioner who had been injured and wanted to heal faster. Weightlifters, athletes, people who were recreational tennis players, old, young. You hit a whole cross-section of the community," he said. 

Lelling says these jacked fugitives were caught but evaded European law enforcement officials and are believed to be in Slovenia looking totally ripped with amazing vascularity and deep cuts.

"People need to, one, be careful what they're buying online. Two, be careful what your kids are buying on the internet. So we shut this guy down, right now he's a fugitive but we don't think he's active. But there's ten people to replace him," said Lelling. 

The family allegedly hid all the cash using corporate shell accounts and payment methods, including Western Union/MoneyGram. 

NEWS SOURCE: Boston News 25

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Image: Getty Images