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2021 Arnold Classic Scheduled For September 25

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Our Muscle Insider contest coverage team witnessed firsthand, just how much impact the pandemic had on the 2020 Arnold Sports Festival. As the news was changing day to day, whether the event would take place or not, organizers managed to hold the event without an audience, other than a few select media sources. As the year went on, restrictions were not easing up by the time the 2021 Arnold’s Sports Festival was set to take place. It was then decided that the 2021 Arnold’s Sports Festival was postponed.

While there has not been any official word from promoters of the Arnold’s Sports Festival, several sources are reporting that a new date for the Arnold Classic has been set for Saturday, September 25, 2021. These same sources are saying that there is a possibility that Men’s Open Bodybuilding could be the only division participating at the Arnold Classic, earning them qualification to the 2022 Olympia. We are hopeful that this is not the case, as fans look forward to seeing all the divisions. It is also unclear as to what restrictions will look like in regard to spectators and if there will be an expo, that would see larger crowds gathering.

Muscular Development’s Ron Harris took to Instagram to share details he has learned about this new date. He has also shared the news that the event will take place either at the regular home in Columbus, Ohio or at the Santa Monica Pier in California.

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