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2020 Olympia News - Arash Rahbar Sits Out Of The Olympia

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Arash Rahbar includes himself in what seems to be becoming a long line of competitors pulling out of the upcoming 2020 Olympia. 

Rahbar joined Dave Palumbo in a recent interview to reveal his decision to sit out of the up coming 2020 Olympia. This will be the first time Rahbar will not be competing in the Olympia since the inception of the Classic Physique division in 2016.

The issue is with his tensor fascia latae (TFL). The basic function of the TFL is hip flexion, hip abduction, internal rotation, and it even internally rotates the lower leg through its attachment to the IT band. An MRI later revealed both a torn Hip Labrum and Glute on his left side. Arash did stress that the injuries do not require surgery.

Always a top contender, Arash also mentioned that if he is to place in the top 3, he has to be 100%.

We wish Arash a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing him on stage soon.

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