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2020 Olympia Expo Moves to Planet Hollywood

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It came as a major announcement earlier this year when news of the 2020 Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend would be leaving the Orleans Hotel & Casino, which has been the host hotel for nearly 15 years, and moving to the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. In addition to this move, the 2020 Olympia Expo was moving to the Sands Convention Center. Fans were excited about this news, as the Sands Convention Center is only 10 minutes away from Planet Hollywood. Well, now there is even more exciting news, as plans have been finalized for the full 2020 Olympia experience. In addition to the 2020 Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend being hosted at Planet Hollywood, the full Olympia Expo has also been confirmed to be held inside the host hotel and will be known as the Olympia Fan Pavilion.

Olympia President Dan Solomon explains, “Ever since our days at Mandalay Bay, fans and exhibitors have been asking us to bring the entire Olympia experience back under one roof. The new Fan Pavilion is at the center of it all, providing a major presence for selected sponsors, exhibitors, merchandise areas, and celebrity appearances.”

Moving away from the traditional Convention Center “Expo”, the new Olympia Fan Pavilion will be hosted in a large open area directly above the Planet Hollywood Casino. Organizers have confirmed for anyone that has already purchased tickets to the Olympia Expo at the Sands Convention Center, they will receive a full refund.

Olympia owner Jake Wood adds, “In addition to the new Pavilion, we are finalizing plans for a major pay-per-view production.  The expanded weekend coverage will also include a special free channel giving fans LIVE coverage of the Pavilion, the Press Conference, and selected Olympia Weekend activities, creating maximum visibility for our athletes and our exhibitors.”

Trifecta presents the 2020 Joe Weider’s Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend, along with title sponsors Northern Chill and Wings of Strength. Some of the other big-name sponsors of this event include Redcon1, Cutler Nutrition, and Performance Inspired Nutrition.

Events kick-off at the beginning of the week, with Olympia Amateur Athlete Registration on Monday, December 14, followed by Olympia Amateur Judging and Finals taking place Tuesday, December 15, and Wednesday, December 16. Following this, the Olympia Weekend kicks off with the Olympia Press Conference in the Criss Angel Theatre and Meet the Olympians in the Celebrity Ballroom on Thursday, December 17. Olympia Prejudging will be hosted in the Celebrity Ballroom, with Olympia Finals in the Zappos Theatre, on Friday, December 18 and Saturday, December 19.

The new Olympia Fan Pavilion will be hosted in the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino Mezzanine on Friday, December 18 and Saturday, December 19. The weekend wraps up with the Superstar Seminar on Sunday, December 20, in the Celebrity Ballroom. For the full 2020 Joe Weider’s Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend and the 2020 Olympia Fan Pavilion event schedule, click here.

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