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2017 Olympia Predictions - Women's physique

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Branden Liezert

Olympia preview sponsored by Rivalus


1. Juliana Malacarne

Every year Juliana is met by a plethora of legitimate contenders, but does what is necessary to come out on top. This year she will yet again be pushed hard, but I don’t see a reason to doubt the three-time champ. What really sets Juliana apart is not her physique, but overwhelming stage presence. Of course, because of her unordinary roundness to her muscle bellies she has certain poses that blow competitors away from a physique standpoint, but she is also able to demonstrate a level of professionalism that others do not match when it comes to posing. Look for Juliana to pull away from the others in the first callout as the poses go on.

2. Dani Reardon

Last year “Lil Monsta” gave Malacarne a good battle, but came up short. Reardon might have the best arms in the entire division and sports seriously striated quadriceps on stage, but she is up against the total package in Juliana. The real fight will be between second and third positions in my opinion.

3. Daniely Castilho

Earlier this year, Castilho pulled off a shocker in Ohio. Her package included abs of steel, total femininity and, in my opinion, side shots that may even compare favourably against the three-time Ms. Physique Olympia. She made a huge progression from her 2016 IFBB Puerto Rico Pro performance and to the Arnold Classic Ohio and if she continued that trend into Vegas, she could be standing beside Juliana waiting for her name to be called.

4. Kira Neuman

Neuman has been one of the most popular ladies in the WPD for a couple of years now. For good reason, her physique is worthy of being called one of the absolute best in the division. Neuman is definitely capable of a podium position, but will have to be dead-on and catch one of the formerly mentioned ladies slipping. Judging by her pictures on social media, she’s already completed one part of the required elements for that.

5. Jamie Pinder

Jaime Pinder is another name like Malacarne, Reardon and Neuman that has been attached to conversations about WPD since it’s inception to the IFBB. Pinder was in absolutely fantastic condition last year, but was a bit overlooked in my opinion. She has one of the best upper bodies in the division, with the one knock being a slight lack of taper of the waist to shoulders from the back. Having said that, her knockout lower-body is generally good enough to keep her in contention at any show she competes at. There will be many girls fighting for spots 5-8, but Pinder is my choice to round-out the top-five.