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2017 Olympia Predictions - Classic Physique

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2017 Olympia Classic Physique Predictions
Branden Liezert

1. Danny Hester

Many of the people were upset when Hester took home the inaugural CPD title from Vegas. People were expecting Arash Rahbar to lock up top honours. However, as soon as pictures leaked from prejudging I was sure Hester would be the last man standing. Let’s not forget the word “classic” in classic physique.

Yes, Rahbar is an absolutely amazing bodybuilder. It’s just that Hester has something that screams “classic” to his physique, where as Rahbar is just an exceptionally good bodybuilder that fits the height and weight requirements for the division.

CPD is not just a small waist and flaring quads and lats show. It’s an embodiment of the classic era and golden-age physiques. For now, Hester is the epitome of it. I expect Hester to win, but there are a few that could upset him if he comes in off. Make no mistake about that.

2. Arash Rahbar

Rahbar is probably best pound-for-pound bodybuilder in this division. So, how doesn’t that qualify him to take home the CPD crown? While he has all the body parts, he is still missing that undevelopable trait of a true “classical” physique in my opinion. There’s just a lack of golden-era aura from Rahbar on stage.

I do think he is a phenomenal bodybuilder, so much so that he will likely be in the top-two at this year’s Olympia while missing that invaluable trait. If it were me judging I would put more emphasis on the truly “classical” criteria and likely have Rahbar outside of a podium finish. I think Rahbar would have the best chance on an open stage from anyone in this division not named Chris Bumstead.

3. Breon Ansley

Ansley looked awesome in his win in New York. Ansley is complete from head to toe with a very classical look. He comes in to shows very conditioned and is rewarded rightfully. I would’ve had Ansley finishing higher than where he did last year and if you look over pictures from the 2016 Mr. Olympia I’m certain you’ll understand what I mean by that. Ansley actually has all of the tools to dethrone Hester, I’m just not certain Ansley is what the judges are looking for just yet.

4. Terrance Ruffin

Ruffin is another very classical looking bodybuilder that will be in contention for the title this weekend. Ruffin has great development in the quads, very detailed hamstrings and a great back. He and coach Matt Porter seem to have a very good sense of what it takes to get Ruffin into condition and is generally one of the hardest and driest in whatever show he competes in. Ruffin might be a little thin in some areas in certain poses to claim the top spot this year, but I would be very surprised to see him outside of the top callout.

5. Chris Bumstead

Perhaps the only bodybuilder in Vegas that arguably has a more “classic” physique than Hester. Bumstead and sister Melissa (figure) will be in Vegas to challenge a new level of competition. Chris definitely has the potential to hold the CPD title one day, but for now I think comparing favourably against the likes of Ruffin, Ansley and Rahbar would be a realistic goal, and probably a dream come true. Bumstead has the best v-taper from the front of the entire lineup, great legs and a wasp-waist. Probably Canada’s greatest IFBB star right now, Bumstead should land solidly in the top callout.