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Star Power (Cover story)


Logan Franklin

US Army combat veteran, IFBB Physique pro, and MuscleTech-sponsored athlete brings his military-style ethic to bodybuilding.

MI: How did your military background affect your approach to training and the requisite discipline for bodybuilding?

Logan: I have a never-quit attitude; it’s something that’s been drilled into me all my life, especially while serving. The military teaches you discipline, so it’s pretty easy for me to use that toward staying dedicated and consistent with my goals.

MI: The last three years, you’ve placed between 7th and 11th in Olympia competitions. What’s it going to take to get you to the next level?

Logan: Just more hard work and consistency.

MI: What does appearing on the cover of Muscle Insidercover mean to you?

Logan: I’ve done only one other cover about three years ago, and since then I’d wondered if I’d ever get another chance. So this is truly meaningful. And for it to be a publication like Muscle Insideris extra-special.

MI: You’ve got a fairly commercial look; what kinds of opportunities have opened up for you?

Logan: I’ve been blessed to have a few different TV shows reach out to me. I also feel having a marketable look helps with sponsorships and growing your social-media audience.


Dana Linn Bailey
A media celebrity and former Olympia champion, DLB is living her “dream life” in the northern Montana Rockies with her husband, bodybuilder/musician Rob.

MI: You’ve had a pretty incredible career thus far. What was the absolute best moment for you?

Dana: Well, it’s pretty hard to beat winning the 2013 Olympia! And not just winning, but being the first Physique Olympia champion. I set the standard and history for more women to come. As weird as this might seem, my most memorable moment competing was actually at the Arnold Classic three years ago, a contest in which I placed second. Quite honestly, that was the best thing that ever happened to me. I stopped training for the show and started training for myself, and I fell back in love with training. I remember coming out for my routine and the crowd, the energy, it was overwhelming. [Though I didn’t win], there was a sea of people standing [at my booth] waiting for me and chanting “D.L.B… D.L.B…” I was no longer the champ, but I felt like a rock star.

MI: With your popularity in this era of social media, there never seems to be a time when you can relax and let your hair down, so to speak. Does that get tiresome?

Dana: Yes, it can be very exhausting, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. As exhausting as traveling can be and missing home and missing my animals, how cool is it that I get to travel the world and just meet people? Sometimes I need to put myself in check and remind myself what an awesome job I have. My job is fucking awesome!

MI: What was the greatest gift training/fitness has given you?

Dana: Training in and of itself is the greatest gift to my life. It has helped shape me into who I am and has taught me how to be confident. I haven’t always been a confident person, not just with my body but even my capabilities. I used to be super-insecure about my body, which is crazy. What’s amazing is how we can just switch our mind-set, and training did that for me. I finally felt in complete control! I was the freaking commander of this ship! I think building a physically strong body can in turn build a mentally strong mind and, together, will build an unstoppable person capable of anything.

MI: Does the Muscle Insidercover have any special significance for you?

Dana: Wow, this is my third magazine cover … crazy! Muscle Insider was one of the first publications that ever approached me. For such a long time, girls like me weren’t featured as cover models. I’ve been told “no” so many times I lost count. This is significant to me because [Muscle Insider] took a chance and did something that no one else would risk. I thank Muscle Insiderfor showing women that strong can also be beautiful.

MI: You wanted to mention something about your husband, Rob?

Dana: Quite honestly, I wouldn’t be here without him. And I believe he feels the same way about me. He has been my support, my motivator, and my inspiration on a daily basis.

Learn more about Dana at her website, danalinnbailey.com