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Get in the Flow with MIND F*K

It’s time to train smarter AND harder!

Mutant has dropped a new pre-workout product that’s going to blow your mind, literally. MUTANT MIND FK is a pre-workout that’s focused on… your focus. As a company that never misses with their products, MIND FK is no exception! MUTANT has delivered a pre-workout supplement with the perfect balance of mental and physical benefits.

In the Flow

Being “in the flow” describes the feeling when you’re totally immersed in an activity, when you have an energetic focus that no distraction can interrupt. This feeling is conducive to terrific training sessions, keeping your mind fully focused on the task at hand – paying attention to every rep, every contraction, and creating a solid mind-muscle connection.

As a nootropic pre-workout, MUTANT MIND FK gets you in the flow to maximize your workout. Nootropics are substances known to enhance cognitive functions such as attention, focus, and mood. In as little as 15 minutes, MUTANT MIND FK will have you intensely focused on your session, and time will fly by. A word of warning – if you don’t go into the gym with a clear workout plan, set an alarm so you don’t stay all day!

Transparent Formula

Mutant plays no games. The label lists the quantity of every ingredient to ensure you know what you’re getting and proving that MUTANT MIND FK is stacked with performance-enhancing substances. With scientifically proven dosages of ingredients, you’re getting nearly 80% active ingredients per 23g scoop.

With that many active ingredients, clumping can occur. To extend their transparency, Mutant has added a label to alert the user of this outcome. The label has a pro tip to shake the tub before using, and to keep the desiccant packet inside to further help prevent clumping.

Crash-free Energy

Mutant seized a great opportunity by getting the rights to use Enfinity® Paraxanthine. As one of the standout ingredients in MUTANT MIND FK, with a solid 200mg per scoop, paraxanthine is a metabolite of caffeine. Essentially, this “cleaned up” version of caffeine delivers all the benefits of the stimulant without any negative effects. No jitters, no heightened anxiety, and no crash as it fades off. It exhibits lower toxicity, stronger locomotor activation, and stronger alertness properties. The result? A boost to your energy, focus, and overall mood to drive you through a killer workout, that won’t leave you in a slump later in the day.

Out of This World Pump

As an athletic supplement, MUTANT MIND FK made sure their formula was packed with efficacious doses of ingredients to enhance your physical performance. A staple of feeling the pump is increased blood flow to the muscle. MUTANT MIND FK delivers what you expect to see – 3.2g of beta-alanine to help buffer lactic acid build up, and 4g of pure L-citrulline to increase nitric oxide. Don’t worry – for those who hate the itchy, tingling feeling beta-alanine can cause, this dose is generally tolerable and doesn’t produce that effect (although this is dependent on the individual – our team did not experience this side effect).

In addition to these ingredients, you also get a solid 1.5g of Nitrosigine® per scoop. In combination with L-citrulline, Nitrosigine® has been found to get your blood flowing to your body and brain faster and for longer than you would experience with just the other two ingredients alone. In fact, the surge can start in as little as 15 minutes, ensuring your pump hits right from your first set.

Razor Sharp Focus

While the above ingredients contribute to your physical pump, they can also help boost your mental focus. However, MUTANT MIND FK’s formula has a handful of additional amino acids that are key players in the mental game. The gram of choline comes from two different sources to comprehensively boost brain function, really zeroing in on the mind to muscle connection. The nootropic combo of tyrosine and taurine packs a solid 6g of the two amino acids that will improve your workout in two important ways. Tyrosine helps boost mental focus during times of heightened stress, like a hard workout, while taurine buffers the feelings of muscle fatigue so your mind can stay focused on hitting another rep and not on the discomfort of lactic acid. These ingredients all work synergistically together to benefit you both mentally and physically.


MUTANT MIND FK comes in three great fruit-based flavours to choose from – Tropical Punch, Blue Raspberry, and Sour Peach. The Mutant team nailed the flavours. They deliver exactly what you expect, a true to the name taste that’s not sickly sweet and is free from any unpleasant after-taste. The ingredients not only blend easily, but they get to work quickly, in as little as 15 minutes, providing up to 5 hours of improved mental focus.

Drop a scoop of MUTANT MIND FK into a shaker cup, add 8 – 16 oz of water, shake it up, and enjoy. Mutant suggests starting with half a scoop for new users, or those who are new to the nootropic world, to assess tolerance. Our team found the flavouring was best in 8 – 10 oz of water, using more liquid diluted the taste a little bit – but that’s totally personal preference. Our top choice? Sour Peach, but we’re keeping all three in steady rotation.

Remember, your mind often fails before your body does. Hack your cognitive function with MUTANT MIND FK to strengthen your mental performance and reap all the physical benefits.


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