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MuscleTech Plant Protein Review


MuscleTech Plant Protein

MuscleTech is no stranger to the protein powder market. A quick look at its website shows the wide array of products (ten!) that make up its protein supplement family. Recently, MuscleTech unveiled its newest product, Plant Protein, its first entry into the plant-based protein market.

The plant-based industry has been rapidly expanding, and the sport supplement market has embraced the movement. Whether you strictly follow a plant-based diet or are looking for protein options outside the usual whey and casein choices, a plant-based protein is a great alternative, and Plant Protein is a standout in the lineup. We expected nothing less from MuscleTech.


Taste Test Approved

First and foremost, the taste and texture of Plant Protein does not disappoint. Regular whey protein supplement users might shy away from a plant-based protein for these two factors, but the MuscleTech team put a lot of focus into creating a solid formula that not only provides the necessary protein quantity but also is enjoyable.

Two flavour options are available—Vanilla and Chocolate Hazelnut Brownie)—both of which deliver a taste very true to their name. Each has a rich, deep flavour that is intensified by a thick, smooth texture shockingly similar to that of a whey protein product. The powder is highly soluble, so there’s no grit left at the base of your shaker, making it enjoyable from start to finish. You can’t go wrong with either flavour, but we love the versatility that Vanilla provides if you want to add some berries and blend it up with ice. For low-maintenance protein users, a scoop in 12 ounces of cold water is perfect.

Any plant-based protein product has an inherent “earthy” undertone to the product. Although detection of this taste will vary from person to person, our team found it to be slightly more evident in the Vanilla flavour. This taste hits first, but the vanilla milkshake flavour quickly takes over, making each sip enjoyable.


By the Numbers

The tub of Plant Protein contains a total of 20 servings. Each 41-gram scoop yields 25 grams of protein, 3 grams of fat and 9 grams of carbs (consisting of 2 grams of sugar and 2 grams of fibre). It’s worth mentioning that Plant Protein serves up more grams of protein per scoop than most plant-based protein products on the market, thanks to its PlantForm Performance Protein Blend (more on this below).


Plant Power

Three unique features make Plant Protein stand out from other plant-based proteins on the market. First, the 25 grams of protein is derived from the PlantForm Performance Protein Blend, which sees a combination of five different plant-based sources: faba beans, organic pea protein, mung beans, organic brown rice and pumpkin seeds. Deriving the protein content from a variety of sources yields more micronutrients and a solid amino acid profile, which is always a benefit for overall health (and athletic performance, of course).

Where many plant-based proteins fall short, Plant Protein’s diverse protein sources were scientifically structured to ensure optimal levels of essential amino acids, especially leucine, which is regarded as the key catalyst in protein synthesis. Hello, muscle gains!


Train, Drink, Recover

Next, MuscleTech stepped outside the box with the inclusion of two ingredients: OptiziomeTM P3 HydrolyzerTM and NordicCherry Tart Cherry Extract. These ingredients serve two distinct functions, both which enhance the effectiveness of Plant Protein and your physical progress.

A supplement is only beneficial if the body is able to uptake the nutrients. This is where OptiziomeTM P3 HydrolyzerTM comes in. Each scoop of Plant Protein contains 250 milligrams of OptiziomeTM P3 HydrolyzerTM, a blend of three enzymes to support the breakdown of protein. Specifically, it has been found to release more branched-chain amino acids from plant protein sources such as pea protein, which includes leucine (that key amino acid for protein synthesis). Many whey-based protein supplements have gone the route of including a digestive enzyme to aid in the breakdown and bioavailability of its ingredients, but most plant-based protein powders do not, making this a notable standout feature for Plant Protein.

Tart cherries contain anti-inflammatory compounds, which are known to reduce muscle pain, and are regarded for their ability to boost post-exercise muscle recovery. Combined, these two factors keep you primed to consistently train hard to make steady progress (that is, get stronger). NordicCherry is an optimal product as it uses the whole cherry to provide the greatest level of bioactive ingredients of any tart cherry product. This ingredient works synergistically with the 9 grams of essential amino acids in each scoop of Plant Protein to ensure you’re ready to train again tomorrow.

Now, that’s what we call a forward-thinking protein product!


Plant-Lovers Unite

Whether you follow a plant-based diet or simply want to incorporate more plant-based options into your rotation, Plant Protein is a great addition to your supplement regimen. MuscleTech is widely available at supplement stores, online and big box retailers alike, making it a highly accessible option. We love to see sports supplement brands becoming more mainstream!

MuscleTech wants its customers to raise the bar of their own performance, supported by its products. At the same time, MuscleTech is raising the bar in the supplement industry, and Plant Protein is no different. We expect to see other companies jump on board with the inclusion of scientifically proven ingredients to enhance their products’ effectiveness.

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