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Mass Building Done Right


Product Review – Clean Mass XL

Gone are the days of the “dirty bulk,” when athletes would eat anything to hit their caloric needs, no matter how healthy—or unhealthy—it was. Armed with more knowledge about the importance of nutrient quality for performance and digestion, PVL created Clean Mass XL to support those looking for a healthy calorie boost.

Clean Mass XL is true to its name: a heavy hitter on the calorie count for building extra-large mass, but relying on clean foods to do so. Mass builder supplements offer a convenient way to sneak in more calories in a low-volume format to help athletes facing the daunting task of building muscle.


No Fillers Here

The standout feature of PVL’s Clean Mass XL is the focus on top-quality calorie sources. Where other mass gainers drive their calories up through sugars and high-fat content, PVL stuck to foods that have a low glycemic response, are easy for the body to digest and process, and even include a blend of enzymes (pineapple, papaya, lactase, and protease) known to support digestion. This ensures that you don’t experience bloating or an energy crash following your meal, a huge bonus for anyone who needs to hit a workout following their meal.


Get the (Nutrition) Facts

Take a seat because the nutrition facts table and ingredient list on Clean Mass XL is lengthy. But, when you start reading through them, you’ll quickly realize that you know what the ingredients are because PVL prioritized the use of real foods for fuel. In fact, 25 different real foods are in this formula!

The nutrition facts table breaks down Clean Mass XL into two different serving options: a full serving (6 scoops total) and a half serving (3 scoops). The full serving yields a whopping 1120 calories, derived from 60 grams of protein, 200 grams of carbohydrates, and only 8 grams of fat. For those who aren’t looking to hit quite that many calories, they can opt for the half serving for 560 calories from 30 grams of protein, 100 grams of carbs, and 4 grams of fat.



As the key component for building muscle in Clean Mass XL, the solid serving of protein comes from a complete protein blend including three whey proteins (concentrate, hydrolysate, and an isolate), milk protein concentrate, fermented pea protein isolate, and sprouted pumpkin seed. Provided you don’t have an issue with lactose, this combination of protein is easy to digest.

To support digestion, Clean Mass XL’s main source of carbs comes from fermented pea starch, which is regarded for its bioavailability. Accompanying that, you’ll find organic quinoa, brown rice, and sweet potato—all items you would find on most meal plans. Rounding out the macronutrients, healthy fats are derived from MCT, avocado, and flaxseed oils. Although the fat content isn’t high per serving, it aids digestion and helps add to the calorie count.


Convenient Calories

Any athlete who has gone through a serious mass-building phase will tell you the meal prep (and meal eating) commitment is time consuming. One of the main benefits of Clean Mass XL is the convenience and ease of getting in a high volume of calories. Add your desired scoops to a shaker cup, fill it up with water (or juice or milk to add more calories!) and some ice, give it a good shake, and you’re ready to go. We will note that the full serving can get pretty thick—obviously—so using a blender might result in a smoother consistency but isn’t required.


Low-Sugar Dessert

Clean Mass XL comes in two classic flavour options: Vanilla Ice Cream and Triple Chocolate Cake. Both of these are true to their names, delivering rich flavour profiles and the creamy consistency you expect from a milkshake. Even with the wide variety of greens, low sugar content, and zero artificial flavours, they have a very enjoyable taste, lacking the “plant” flavour you might expect from a drink with vegetables.


Made for Athletes

A final bonus of Clean Mass XL is the inclusion of electrolytes. Athletes looking to build muscle are going to be hitting tough training sessions, which will result in the loss of electrolytes such as sodium, calcium, and potassium. PVL considered the physical demands and made a point to include these minerals in this formula to support the outcomes of training.

If you’re in a focused mass-building phase, or plan to start one, a mass builder supplement will be a great addition to your meal plan to help you hit your caloric needs. Do your body a favour and opt for Clean Mass XL for its reliance on real foods. Not only will this support your performance in the gym, but it will also provide your body with more useful calories to build muscle for a successful growth phase.

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