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The Fatigue-Fighting Powers of CarnoSyn®

Ashleigh Atkinson

Can you delay anaerobic fatigue and extend a set, possibly boosting muscle growth? That’s the promise of this patented version of beta-alanine.

As an athlete, you look seriously at what you eat to enable your body to perform at its best. A smart nutrition plan allows you to better reach specific goals. As you progress, you understand particular supplements can have a significant impact on performance. Much like everything else in life, ingredients are not all created equally, and MUSCLE INSIDER wants readers to fuel their bodies with only the best.

When you go to the grocery store, you’re almost always confronted with choices, typically between the generic, “no-name” brands and the name-brand version. Often, that’s accompanied by a difference in quality and price. This isn’t dissimilar to what you find in the sports-supplement market. Is a generic better than the patented form? Let’s take a closer look at CarnoSyn®, the only beta-alanine proven by science to enhance athletic performance.

Why Patent An Ingredient?
What does it mean for an ingredient to be patented? It means the government has agreed to protect the patent holder from other companies copying it in some way. Some patents prevent companies from stealing the research that went into proving it works, while others protect the processes by which companies make these ingredients. Let’s start with that patent on CarnoSyn®, which is a brand-name ingredient. CarnoSyn® has been clinically tested, its manufacturing processes are strictly controlled to reach the highest purity, and it contains no banned substances while being certified by international agencies in terms of its safety and effectiveness. Patented ingredients often undergo continuous research to validate their safety and efficacy. These ingredients can confidently, and correctly, claim to be backed by science, which we applaud.

What Are the Benefits of CarnoSyn®?
Beta-alanine is a modified version of alanine, an amino acid. It plays an important role for athletes as it affects muscle fatigue, possibly allowing you to continue an anaerobic activity past the point at which you’d normally stop. Consider its use in allowing you to squeeze out those final reps or sprint that last 20 metres. When beta-alanine is consumed, it’s stored in muscle cells as carnosine, and it’s released when muscle pH levels drop due to energy expenditure. This change in pH will lead to fatigue, especially when carnosine is lacking. Supplementing with beta-alanine helps biochemically buffer this process, keeping your carnosine levels full and delaying fatigue.

Providing your body with the best ingredients should be a priority, and when it comes to quality, CarnoSyn® is the gold standard. More than 55 independent, peer-reviewed studies substantiate its performance benefits. Additionally, it’s certified to contain zero banned substances and has been tested by a wide variety of athletes from different sports. Products utilizing generic beta-alanine may make the same claims as a CarnoSyn® product, but this form of beta-alanine is not backed by clinical research. Because of the depth of clinical research conducted on CarnoSyn®, the results are true to this form of beta-alanine alone and cannot be extrapolated to other products.

Look for the CarnoSyn® Logo
The good news is that many companies are including the higher-quality CarnoSyn® form of beta-alanine in their products (click HERE to see which ones). In the end, delivering a more beneficial product to athletes, one backed by science. The next time you’re shopping for supplements, take the time to read the label. If you see CarnoSyn® on the list rather than simply “beta-alanine,” you’ll know you’re getting a high-quality ingredient backed by science. You expect a lot from your body. Treat it accordingly. Look for CarnoSyn® on the label.