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Dexter Jackson Contracts COVID 19


Shortly after competing in his final Olympia competition before retiring, Dexter Jackson is fighting Covid-19. Sources are unclear at this point whether “The Blade” contracted Covid during the Olympia competition, or just after. We did also learn during the announcement of Shanique Grant retiring from competition, that she and her boyfriend had also contracted Covid-19.

While we are sure this is not what Dexter had in mind for how he was planning to start his retirement, we’re confident that he will make a full recovery. Jackson took to social media to explain that he’s been dealing with the effects of the virus for three weeks already. He is expecting to make a full recovery, but at the time he was still feeling miserable and feverish.

“Your boy got COVID, and I’ve had it now for almost three weeks. So all you idiots out there who are saying it’s fake, you’re a f–king idiot. I’m 100 percent sure that I can beat it, but who wants to feel like this for three f–king weeks? You can’t understand if you ain’t had it, but the s–t I’ve been going through every day, battling this s–t.” Dexter goes on saying, “First I had a cough real bad, the next couple days my throat was messed up, next couple days bad cold. Now I (have) body aches.”

We want to send our wishes out to Dexter, for a speedy and full recovery. Get well soon, so you can enjoy your retirement in the way you should.

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