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Can a Canadian Win the Bikini Olympia?

Roger Lockridge

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On July 31st, the bodybuilding world was surprised to see Janet Layug take the stage at her “Battle of the Bodies” contest and announce that she would not be defending her title as Ms. Bikini Olympia this year. Fans and insiders were disappointed that the Florida native will be watching this year’s competition instead of competing in it. As for the athletes, this is a big opportunity. We are guaranteed a new champion this year. Several names have been considered as top contenders for this year’s contest, scheduled to take place on the weekend of October 7th through 10th in Orlando, Florida. Among them are former champions Elisa Pecini and Ashley Kaltwasser. Two Canadian superstars, Jennifer Dorie and Lauralie Chapados, have both come very close to winning it themselves are also in the mix. No one from Canada has ever won the Bikini Olympia since its inception in 2010. Could 2021 be the year that a competitor with Canadian roots make history and become the division ninth champion? If so, it will likely be one of these two ladies that does it.

Jennifer Dorie

Dorie was last year’s runner-up to Layug, and she showed that she definitely has a physique worthy of holding the title in the future. She has actually not won a contest so far this season, but the good news is that she is sitting in third place on the Olympia Qualification Series standings. Points are awarded to athletes that haven’t won a show, but placed in the top five. The top five Bikini athletes will move on to the Olympia. With 16 points, Dorie has a good chance of moving on to Orlando if she doesn’t win a show before the qualification series concludes. With the only athlete to beat her out of the lineup this time, her confidence in taking the title should be high. The next time we will see Dorie will be at the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio on September 25th. Winning that title would be a great way to generate momentum going into the Olympia.

Lauralie Chapados

Chapados is currently qualified thanks to winning the Chicago Pro in July (the second time she won that contest in her career). She and Dorie actually faced one another at the 2021 Tampa Pro in the beginning of August. Dorie finished third and Chapados placed fourth (former Olympia winner Elisa Pecini was the winner). Chapados placed fifth at the Olympia last year, but has been that runner-up position before as well. In 2018, she finished second to champion Angelica Teixeira. She would obviously like to be in that position as one of the last two women standing, but it would be better for Chapados if Bob Cicherillo announced her as the “NEW” champion. Chapados is also taking part in the Arnold Classic, so we will see both Canadian competitors go head-to-head one more time before the Olympia.

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