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BODYPRO GYM - The Ultimate Training Destination

The Editors

Gyms have evolved over the years from the dark, musty dungeons with rusty weights and beaten-up dumbbells of yesteryear to high-tech human performance facilities with the latest equipment. BODYPRO GYM Hamilton has taken state-of-the-art to a new level. All it takes is one glance inside the revolutionary facility and you’ll turn into a kid in a candy store.

BODYPRO GYM is a multi-level 35,000-square-foot facility packed from wall to wall with the most advanced gym equipment you’ll ever find. This full-service gym is open seven days a week, and fitness enthusiasts from across the globe have flocked to this Canadian fitness mecca to see what all the hype is about. At Muscle Insider, we’ve been to the top gyms in the world, and we’ve never seen anything like this place! It’s the brainchild of John Robert Cardillo, who pioneered the entire gym industry in Canada for over two decades, and this is his latest innovation.

It Started with a Vision and Turned into a Reality

2018 was when the dream and vision were put into motion. The goal was to create a gym where the most dedicated fitness enthusiasts would come to train to have access to every amenity imaginable. BODYPRO GYM was destined to be unique and unlike any gym John had ever designed.

Sure, there were other gyms located nearby, but none catered to the serious athlete that BODYPRO GYM was looking to attract. Big box gyms throughout North America are severely lacking in the quality and variety of equipment in their facility. Often gym equipment isn’t maintained, and when it breaks, it can be weeks before it’s fixed and it’s almost never replaced. Profits are always considered way ahead of the athlete’s experience. Many of these same gym chains offer very few amenities to keep costs low, and cleanliness with proper sanitization measures only started to become a priority when COVID-19 hit us and the government forced these gym chains to step up their game.

January 2019: BODY PRO GYM Opens

After spending all of 2018 building out the ultimate gym, BODYPRO GYM was officially launched and opened its doors in January 2019. Its model was drastically different from any other gym in the area.

Here’s the BODYPRO GYM Creed:

  • BODYPRO GYM's sales team does not work off commission, so there’s no high-pressure sales tactics when you walk through the door.
  • The gym is open 24 hours a day (Monday through Friday) with extensive hours on weekends.
  • The gym focuses more on cleanliness and the best equipment than on marketing and sales quotas.
  • They provide more equipment under one roof than any other gym in Canada.


As the architect of BODYPRO GYM, John Robert Cardillo hand selected his favourite pieces of gym equipment from years of training and years of building some of the most successful gyms in the country. John's design packed BODYPRO GYM with the equipment bodybuilders, powerlifters, and other athletes seek out to achieve the best results possible. Most gyms stick with brand of machines such as Hammer Strength, Icarian or Life Fitness to outfit their entire gym. It’s less expensive to do it this way, and it makes it easier to service and repair. But everybody’s biomechanics are a little different. Some people’s body types just don’t fit well into certain machines. Someone may love Hammer Strength machines and feel them working well, but others might feel an exercise working better using the Arsenal Strength, TechnoGym, or BodyMasters version of that same machine. Different brands of a leg curl, leg press, or lat pull-down have a different range of motion or different strength curve that might fit your body structure better than others. But when a gym limits the variety of suppliers it gets equipment from, you cannot get the best results possible. Many people also like to change things up by using different brands of equipment to keep workouts exciting. BODYPRO GYM sources equipment from 16 different suppliers whereas most gyms use five or less!

Equipment Brands found at BODYPRO GYM

  • Strive
  • Icarian
  • Hammer Strength
  • Cybex
  • Hoist
  • Nautilus
  • Star Trac
  • Life Fitness
  • York
  • Arsenal
  • Glutenator
  • Medx
  • TechnoGym
  • Matrix
  • Precor
  • BodyMasters

How Many Pieces of Gym Equipment Does BODYPRO GYM Have?

When it comes to how much equipment would be on the gym floor, BODYPRO GYM Hamilton didn’t hold back. Where most gyms have only one or two of the same pieces of equipment, John Robert Cardillo’s design for BODYPRO GYM Hamilton went BIG. They have 55 back machines, 45 chest machines, 27 abdominal machines, 22 shoulder machines, 22 glute machines, 20 biceps machines, 20 triceps machines, 15 leg extension machines, 12 leg press machines, 14 leg curl machines, 11 calf machines, 10 hack squat machines, 8 squat racks, Dumbbells up to 300 pounds, and every type of adjustable bench imaginable!

All of the equipment is specifically arranged according to specific body parts for ease of training. Anyone serious about fitness and working out understands that a gym should not be laid out any other way. It was important to have every piece of equipment needed to train a specific body part in one area to maximize training intensity and the flow of your workout. Did we mention it has dumbbells that go up to 300 pounds? No, that’s not a joke. It also has a lat pull-down machine and cable row machine with a stack with over 500 pounds! No other gym in Canada has a pair of dumbbells in their facility that go up that high.

BODYPRO GYM Hamilton will make you work hard to max out its equipment, so you never have the excuse that you stopped making progress due to your strength being greater than the available equipment.

Women have the ability to train in the main area, or if they want a little more privacy and an intimate setting, they have the option to train in the women’s area, which very few gyms in Hamilton offer.

People Travel From Around The World to Experience BODYPRO GYM

BODYPRO GYM is home to both locals and those willing to travel to work out at this incredible facility. If you’re serious about your health and fitness, this is the destination to help achieve your health and physique goals. Fitness enthusiasts travel from all over including Erie, Niagara Falls, Brantford, Toronto, Georgetown, and Cambridge just to train here! But some of the biggest names in bodybuilding and fitness have also trained here, including Olympia champions Ronnie Coleman, Shawn Rhoden, Angelica Teixeira, and Lauralie Chapados along with top Canadian pros Zane Watson, Jodi Boam, and Laura Davies!

Hardcore Atmosphere

When you’re in BODYPRO GYM, you can’t help but feel the energy radiating from the facility—it’s unlike any other gym, and it’s quite contagious. The determination, the camaraderie, the community, the motivation, the intensity. You can feel it the instant you walk through the doors. This is not a gym to socialize and dabble in. BODYPRO GYM is where you go to put in WORK and get RESULTS.

It was really important to John Robert Cardillo's vision to get the right atmosphere set for this gym. His design was to have the walls covered in artwork from old MuscleMag issues to add to the bodybuilding ambiance. When we saw these murals inside the gym we were immediately impressed but what we didn’t know was that John was really close friends with the late Robert Kennedy (the founder of MuscleMag and Oxygen) and as a tribute, he wanted to see his legacy honoured in the gym. In addition, John wanted anaward-winning interior designer to come in and help design, decorate, and give input into colour selections to ensure this was a gym like no other.

Next-Level Amenities

BODYPRO GYM Hamilton rolled out the red carpet for its members with its extensive list of amenities that differentiate BODYPRO GYM Hamilton from any other gym in the area, which include:

NutriBar Café

First on the list is the NutriBar Café, which caters to the members’ nutritional needs. The NutriBar Café provides the members with wholesome macro-friendly meals, delicious protein shakes to help boost recovery, and protein smoothies to fuel the most intense workouts.


Next on the list is the pool and aquatics program. In need of some low-impact cardio or simply want to get in a great cardiovascular workout? The BODYPRO GYM aquatics program is top-notch, featuring an immense 25-meter lap pool kept at a comfortable 84 degrees. The aquatics program is also open for AquaFit classes as well as swimming lessons.

Private Photo Studio

To ensure members are getting the best results, BODYPRO GYM Hamilton has its very own private photo studio area inside the facility where personal training clients can get photographed at each stage of their transformation, documenting their amazing progress and dedication. Tracking results like this is the surefire way to measure progress while motivating one to become one’s best self.

Personal Training

Speaking of transformations, BODYPRO GYM Hamilton has one of the best personal training services around. John was not just the architect of BODYPRO GYM, he has even agreed to give some of his time for the opportunity to work with him personally. That being said, all trainers follow John Robert Cardillo’s methodology for training and nutrition to allow for a consistent strategy of getting the fastest results possible.

If you want to kick your results up a notch or ten, John’s training and diet methods (which he developed from years of research) can unequivocally change your physique. Their personal training system is called Transformation Mastery, and he continues to exercise oversight of the system he developed so that all transformations in the program ensure clients are getting the best results possible.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

On top of the high-intensity workout programs and nutrition plans prescribed by the BODYPRO GYM trainers, members have the ability to work with their very own medical doctor consultant who can help with anti-aging hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which is, unfortunately, extremely uncommon in Canada. By ensuring that your hormones are optimized, you can maximize health and performance.

Change Rooms

Showers line the locker rooms with an immense circular vanity area to help get yourself put together and ready to take on the day following your workout. The floors of the locker room are made of terrazzo to maximize hygiene and provide exceptional cleanliness in the facility. However, the main attraction found in the locker rooms is the fabulous steam room to help open your pores, cleanse your skin, and have you feeling fresh and rejuvenated following a strenuous workout.

BODYPRO GYM New Location Licensing Opportunities

In less than 2 years, BODYPRO GYM has become so popular that franchises are now being built in Miami, Tampa, Mumbai, and Dubai! If you’d like to be a part of the BODYPRO GYM family and open your own location, check out this link! 

One of the Best Gyms We’ve Ever Reviewed

If you’re looking for a place that’s filled with dedicated fitness enthusiasts that you can call your new home, you’ll be hard-pressed to find any other gym like BODYPRO GYM Hamilton. With a state-of-the-art facility packed with rows and rows of the best equipment available and highly skilled training staff, you’ll have some of the best workouts of your life. And when you’re done pushing your body to the limit, you can enjoy all of the fantastic amenities that separate BODYPRO GYM Hamilton from the competition.

BODYPRO GYM Hamilton is hands down one of the best gyms we’ve ever reviewed. It’s truly something you have to experience to believe. Should you go take a look, we’re willing to bet it will be hard to leave.

For more info on BODYPRO GYM Hamilton, visit bodyprogym.ca.

You can also stay connected with them via social media:

Facebook: facebook.com/bodyprogyms/

Instagram: @bodyprogym2018