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2021 Arnold Sports UK Mens Physique Preview

Roger Lockridge

When a fan attends an NPC or IFBB Pro League show, there may be a few familiar names in the lineup. What makes these contests so intriguing is that you never know when the next superstar is going to break out. Who would’ve seen Dexter Jackson competing as a bantamweight and thought that he would go on to win the Mr. Olympia? Canada’s own Chris Bumstead may have been another bodybuilder in the pack at his first contest. Now he’s the gold standard in the Classic Physique division.

It’s that kind of opportunity and moment that could await one of the competitors taking part in the inaugural Arnold Classic UK Men’s Physique contest. Aside from being known as the first winner of this competition, the champion could begin a potentially long and memorable run in this division, culminating on the biggest stage of all, the Olympia in 2022. There are no Canadians in this lineup. As a matter of fact, North America isn’t represented at all in this international lineup. The countries that are represented include the UK, China, France, and Switzerland. Here are a few names to watch for on October 1st, 2nd, and 3rd when these men grace the stage in Birmingham.

Ryan Terry

If you’ve won the Arnold USA Men’s Physique title and placed as high as second at the Olympia, then you’re going to be considered a favourite to win a contest of this magnitude. Terry was the Olympia runner-up to Jeremy Buendia in 2016 and won the Arnold Classic Men’s Physique USA title the next year. He was also on the cover of MUSCLE INSIDER which shows how much we love his physique! Many people expect him to win this contest in his home country. However, if he is off, it won’t be a surprise to see someone knock him off of that top spot.

Youcef Djoudi*

The French competitor is coming off a second place finish at the Mr. Big Evolution Portugal Pro earlier this year. He has won two pro shows with the most recent being the 2020 Europa Pro. Winning this one would add a prestigious title to that highlight reel and it would add him into the 2022 Olympia lineup. He has a tight waist and round shoulders, which will help him standing next to a competitor the level of Terry.

Romane Lanceford*

Lanceford could be the one that surprises a lot of fans and judges in this show. He has experience in both Men’s Physique and Classic Physique. His last contest appearance was the 2017 Tournament of Champions where he placed fourth. He has been away from the stage for four years, and this is the beginning of his comeback. Seeing someone of his size lined up against someone with Terry’s symmetry and confidence would be interesting. 

Competitor List (in alphabetical order)

  • Ryan John Baptiste
  • Sean Carroll
  • Youcef Djoudi
  • Rori Gissing
  • Romane Lanceford
  • Maxime Parisi
  • Tyler Smith
  • Omar Suleiman
  • Ryan Terry
  • Emile Walker
  • David Wachelka
  • Hong Xiaolong

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