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2021 Arnold Sports UK Fitness Preview

Roger Lockridge

Out of all the divisions that are held in the IFBB Pro League, the Fitness division is by far the most entertaining in the eyes of many fans. Competitors in that division must not only showcase the best physique, they must also put on an awe-inspiring routine that encapsulates strength, fitness, and athletic ability. 

That is why the Fitness division will be showcased at the inaugural Arnold Sports UK Festival, being held in Birmingham, England on October 1st through 3rd. Five international competitors will grace the stage with hopes of being interviewed by Arnold Schwarzenegger as the first champion of this new contest. The winner will also move on to the 2022 Olympia. They are listed below in alphabetical order.

Marta Aguiar

Aguiar hasn’t only competed on Arnold stages in the past, she has been victorious. She won the Arnold South American Fitness title in 2016. That is one of her three professional victories. She has also graced the Olympia stage four different times. Her highest placing is 7th in 2019. Her most recent competition was the 2021 Chicago Pro, and she placed second.

Kate Errington

Errington is another former Arnold winner, having claimed first place in the 2018 Arnold Sports Australia Fitness contest. She is one of two British competitors in this lineup. She also placed second in a contest this season, the 2021 Mr. Big Evolution Pro contest. She turned professional by winning the 2017 Arnold Amateur, so she is very comfortable on those stages. With that experience combined with the fact that this one is in her home country, she should be considered a favorite.

Kamara Graham

Graham is the other home country athlete in this contest. She is the 2019 Ben Weider Worldwide Classic British Champion. She placed first in the 2020 Europa Pro contest, which was her pro debut. Graham is still relatively new to the pro circuit, but she has a well-developed physique that could do well in a Fitness or Figure lineup. 

Minna Pajulahti

Pajulahti won the 2021 Mr. Big Evolution Pro contest earlier this season. She has experience in this division as well as Figure and Women’s Physique. Fitness is where she has found her greatest success, having won three contests in total. The Finnish competitor also has experience in powerlifting. With all of her experience in multiple forms of competition, she may be the best athlete in the lineup.

Aurika Tyrgale

Tyrgale is the only American in the field, and she may have the greatest momentum going into this contest, having just won the Tampa Pro at the beginning of August. That was her fifth pro win thus far. She placed 7th at the 2020 Olympia in Orlando, Florida as well. Tyrgale is a former Arnold Amateur champ herself, winning in 2014. Her movements during her routines keep the fans’ attention from start to finish. 

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