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2021 Arnold Classic Physique Preview

Roger Lockridge

Who will emerge as the champion in Columbus?

The Arnold Classic Physique show is still relatively new, but it’s already one of the more exciting competitions that the Arnold Sports Festival has. This division is among the most popular in the entire IFBB Pro League. The current standard-bearer in this category is Canada’s own Chris Bumstead. The two-time defending Olympia champion is not someone who ducks a challenge, and this show could be one that reveals a new contender to take on “CBum” at future Olympias.

The winner of this contest actually earns a qualification for the 2022 Olympia, but there’s a good chance that the man who wins this show will already have a 2021 Olympia qualification under his belt. There are actually no Canadians in this lineup, but let’s take a glance at the top contenders for this show to see who could leave Ohio victorious.

Alex Cambronero – The native of Miami, Florida is the reigning Arnold champion. He won the title last year in the last big show that took place before the start of the pandemic. He would actually go on to place fourth at the Olympia in December of 2020. He’s comfortable on big stages, and even with the limited shows in Columbus this year, it is still a very big stage. Cambronero is currently fifth in the points standings, which would get him into the Olympia. Winning this show again would certainly boost his confidence leading into the big contest where he would go head to head with Bumstead.

Terrence Ruffin – Ruffin was in second place at this show in 2020, but he rebounded in a big way by finishing as the runner-up to Bumstead at the Olympia last year. He actually finished ahead of two-time Olympia winner Breon Ansley as well. With Cambronero finishing ahead of Ruffin in Columbus, and Ruffin placing ahead of him in Orlando, this could be a rubber match of sorts. It is certainly one that the fans can’t wait to see.

Dani Younan – Younan will be returning to the Arnold Classic for the first time this year, since his debut in 2018 where he placed 6th. He has faced both Cambronero and Ruffin onstage before. He was sixth at the Olympia last year, but he won the prestigious New York Pro back in May. His improvements in size and conditioning stood out when he was on that stage. Sleeping on him would not be a wise move. If any of the favorites are off or miss their peaks, he could very well take a spot away from them.

Bryan Jones – Jones finished fifth in Orlando, and is one of the newest faces on the Classic Physique scene. He will also be making his Arnold debut, but his performance at the Olympia made many people aware of him. He is one of the bigger competitors in the lineup, but his lines and presentation make him a serious threat. Adding this title to his list of achievements would make him a contender for any show he enters going forward.

Full 2021 Arnold Classic Physique Lineup (in alphabetical order)

  • Alex Cambronero
  • Deontrai Campbell
  • Jarek Crew
  • Logan Franklin
  • Bryan Jones
  • Fabian Mayr
  • Courage Opara
  • Terrence Ruffin
  • Tony Tavares
  • Dani Younan

For more information, visit the Arnold Sports Festival website.

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