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2020 Olympia Bikini Contest Report


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There's no doubt the Bikini division has become one of the most popular categories at the Olympia for fans. This year was one of the most exciting bikini showdowns that we’ve seen on the Olympia stage so far. We must admit that even we did not foresee this outcome.

All expectations were for Elisa Pecini to successfully defend her Olympia Champion title this year, but that was not the case. While the bikini lineup was outstanding and Pecini did not bring the same physique she did last year, it was shocking to see her knocked right out of the top 5 placings. It is extremely uncommon to see a defending Olympia Champion in any division not placing in the final.

Janet Layug Crowned 2020 Ms. Bikini Olympia Champion

The ladies really stepped it up this year, with the Championship title being awarded to Janet Layug. A hometown favourite, hailing from Lakeland, FL, Janet's been a strong contender for the title since her first Olympia appearance in 2015. In four previous Olympia appearances, Layug has finished 6th, 3rd, and runner-up twice. This year Janet’s efforts finally paid off with having her name announced as the new 2020 Ms. Bikini Olympia Champion.

Jennifer Dorie

Canadian IFBB Pro Jennifer Dorie really did give Janet a run for her money. Many fans even thought Dorie would be announced as the new champion. Jennifer has rapidly climbed the ranks over her three Olympia appearances. It was 2018 we first saw her on the big stage, with an impressive 10th place finish. Last year she showed great improvements, earning her 5th place at the 2019 Olympia. This year, we thought Dorie had a real chance at the title but ended up with a 2nd place finish which makes her now the #1 ranked Canadian bikini competitor in the world. We look forward to seeing what she'll bring to next year’s stage.

Étila Santiago

Étila Santiago has been another standout over the past couple of years, culminating with a 3rd place finish this year. After witnessing Étila win the 2019 Toronto Pro SuperShow, we knew we’d be seeing great things from her. Last year she finished in 8th place at the 2019 Olympia. There is no doubt we'll be talking about her more in the years to come.

Lauralie Chapados

Montreal's Lauralie Chapados has also been a familiar face in the Ms. Bikini Olympia lineups over the past couple of years. We saw her finish 2nd in 2018 and then 4th at last year’s Olympia. While Lauralie finished in 5th place this year, she was right in the mix with the other ladies in the top 5. If she can come in a bit tighter next year, we could see her placing higher. Lauralie's boyfriend 2018 Mr.Olympia Shawn Rhoden was in attendence, which made this Olympia even more exciting for fans. 

Beatriz Biscaia (Dual Citizen Canada & Portugal)

Once again brought a beautiful, balanced physique to the Olympia stage. It was unfortunate to see her not make it into the top 15, but remember she's one of the younger athletes in this competition, so we will continue to see her making progress and climbing the ranks. She had good overall development but wasn't as hard as some of the other girls near the front of the pack. 

Maia Gordon

The final Canadian athlete in the Bikini division is Maia Gordon. With this being her first Olympia competition, we are so proud of the poise and grace Maia brought to the stage. She turned pro in 2019 at the Ben Weider Cup We will be keeping an eye on her as she continues to grow and progress in her competitive career.

2020 Olympia Bikini Contest Results & Prize Money

1. Janet Layug $50,000
2. Jennifer Dorie $20,000
3. Etila Santiago Santos, $12,000
4. Angelica Teixeira $7,000
5. Lauralie Chapados $6,000
6. Elisa Pecini
7. Ashley Kaltwasser
8. Ashlyn Brown
9. Jasmine Gonzalez
10. Breena Martinez

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