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Vancouver Pro 2022 Predictions

The Vancouver Pro is set to take place on the weekend of July 16 and 17 in Abbotsford, BC. Six IFBB Pro League contests will be held, and all six champions from this weekend will be qualified to compete at the 2022 Olympia in Las Vegas, Nevada this December. After a two-year absence, the men’s open is back, and seven stars from North America will pose down for the judges and fans. Here is who we think will make the top five.


1. Iain Valliere (Ottawa, Ontario)

Valliere will be making his 2022 debut, but he is coming off a 7th place finish at the Olympia in 2021. By all accounts, his prep went as he planned, and he is confident that he will be qualified for the Olympia at the end of the evening. If Valliere is bigger with the same conditioning he had at a contest like the Texas Pro last year, then he is leaving with that title.

2. Antoine Vaillant (Burlington, Ontario)

After dealing with heart and health issues, Vaillant made his intentions to compete known the week of the show. He didn’t compete at all in 2021, and his last contest was a 14th place effort at the 2020 Olympia. The fans will be glad to see him back, and the showdown between him and Valliere will do Canada proud. He will have to be his best, and Valliere missing his peak could help his cause as well.

3. Jonas Giatras (Syracuse, Utah)

This man shocked many in the Puerto Rico Pro in June when he finished in third place. Hassan Mostafa won that contest. That means he is familiar with standing next to bigger competitors, which he will do at this contest against Valliere. Don’t be surprised if he finishes in the top three again.

4. Hossein Kalateh (New Westminster, BC)

Kalateh is actually a 212 competitor, and he’s coming off a victory at the Toronto Pro in that division. He’s dipping his toe in the Open for this contest, and it will be interesting to see how he fares against the bigger men in this lineup. He will be making his open debut.

5. Martin Hernandez (Mexico)

Martin's last contest was the Orlando Pro, where he finished 9th. Mostafa won that show as well. The man from Mexico will be making his second contest appearance of the season. If he learned from his mistakes in Orlando and applies the corrections here, a top five finish is realistic.

Men's Bodybuilding Line Up

  1. Seth Engman (Lehi, Utah)
  2. Jonas Giatras (Syracuse, Utah)
  3. Martin Hernandez (Mexico)
  4. Hossein Kalateh (New Westminster, BC Canada)
  5. Kook Kwang Moon (Burnaby, BC Canada)
  6. Antoine Vaillant (Burlington, Ontario Canada)
  7. Iain Valliere (Ottawa, Ontario Canada)

Past Men’s Open Winners

  • 2015 – Fouad Abiad
  • 2016 – Ben Pakulski (Iain Valliere Debut, 9th)
  • 2017 – Michael Lockett
  • 2018 – Lukas Osladil
  • 2019 – Hadi Choopan (Valliere, 4th)
  • 2020 – No Show
  • 2021 – No Men’s Open Show



1. Cody Amey (Burlington, Ontario)

Cody will be making his second contest appearance in Canada this season. He was third in Toronto, but we can see him making the adjustments and taking the W in Vancouver.

2. Kellen Wilson (Surrey, BC Canada)

WIlson is the 2021 North American Champion, and he finished fourth in Toronto. It will be his second contest as a pro, but we see a lot of potential in him. Don’t be surprised if he’s in the mix for the victory and Olympia qualification.

3. Aaron Aramini (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

The former Men’s Physique competitor was 7th in the Classic Physique division in Ontario. We think he can look tighter and more confident now that he has experience in his new division. If we’re correct, then a 1,2,3 Canada finish will be a pleasant result for the home country fans.

Classic Physique Line Up

  1. Cody Amey (Burlington, Ontario Canada)
  2. Aaron Aramini (Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada)
  3. Isaac Baier (Beaumont, Alberta Canada)
  4. Adam Beveridge (Calgary, Alberta Canada)
  5. Billy Danh (Coquitlam, BC Canada)
  6. Richard Gayle (Scarborough, Ontario Canada)
  7. Ethan Gohari (Australia)
  8. Virgilio Giugno (Miami Beach, Florida)
  9. John Le (Coquitlam, BC Canada)
  10. Vladimir Markov (Portland, Oregon)
  11. David Anthony Tassin (Bothell, Washington)
  12. Kellen Wilson (Surrey, BC Canada)



1. Charjo Grant (Fairfax, Virginia)

The US Armed Forces veteran is a former DC Pro champion and has finished 12th at the Olympia twice. His muscle maturity and symmetry make him very dangerous. He’s also driven to break that 12th place position this year. Step 1 will be winning this contest.

2. Josh Bridgman (United Kingdom)

He's a new pro, and this will be his pro debut. He was very impressive at the 2021 NPC Worldwide MK Classic. He will be looking to make a big first impression, and traveling across the Atlantic to compete will be a big commitment for a first contest. He expects to make it worth it.

3. Akbar Sarbaz (Toronto, Ontario)

He finished 11th in Toronto, but he’s looking for redemption. Don’t expect him to be off the mark twice in a row.

Men's Physique Line Up

  1. Xezekiel Afanou (St. Hubert, Quebec Canada)
  2. Josh Bridgman (United Kingdom)
  3. AJ Ellison (Calgary, Alberta Canada)
  4. Charjo Grant (Fairfax, Virginia)
  5. Isaias Paez Martinez (Calexico, California)
  6. Mavrick Leger Rites (Edmonton, Alberta Canada)
  7. Akbar Sarbaz Sarkhanlo (Toronto, Ontario Canada)
  8. Daniel Miguel Rabiela Tomas (Mexico)
  9. Gurjinder Virk (Surrey, BC Canada)
  10. Shahin Zolfaghari (Iran)



It’s an all Canada lineup in Fitness. As of this writing, there are three women in the lineup. The order you see is how we think they are going to finish. We expect Abby Bolton to leave with the title and Olympia qualification.

1. Abby Bolton (Ridgeway, Ontario) 

2. Noemie Champagne-Cloutier (Quebec, Canada)

3. Danielle DaCosta (Etobicoke, Ontario)



The only thing that has been certain about Figure is that nothing is for sure. This division is as competitive as it has ever been.

1. Melissa Cech (Victoria, BC)

Cech is coming off a fourth-place finish at the Governor’s Cup, but we think the win is hers for the taking here.

2. Mandy Urner (Maple Ridge, BC)

Umer was second in Toronto, and it will not be a surprise if she is in the top two at this contest as well. A win is possible. So, don’t rule her out.

3. Dalila Alegria (Gilroy, California)

Alegria placed 5th last weekend in Sacramento at the Governor’s Cup. If she can improve her conditioning, top three here is a good possibility.

Figure Line Up

  1. Dalila Alegria (Gilroy, California)
  2. Mel Cech (Victoria, BC Canada)
  3. Kim Clark (Dublin, California)
  4. Spomenka Miller-Stanic (Rocklin, California)
  5. Valerie Ratelle (Burlington, Ontario Canada)
  6. Jennifer Reece (Fort McMurray, Alberta Canada)
  7. Mandy Urner (Maple Ridge, BC Canada)



1. Susana Aramayo (Argentina)

Aramoyo hasn’t been onstage since the 2020 Olympia, but she is one of the few in this lineup with Olympia experience. She won the 2019 Niagara Falls Pro, and we think she will be first here as well.

2. Shelby Pierce (Sacramento, California)

Pierce has finished in the top five three times already, with the best being a third-place effort in Texas. She has well-developed arms and her hamstrings are impressive as well.

3. Karen Wall (Victoria, BC)

Wall is the defending Masters Bikini champion of this show, and she’s jumping into the open this year. Don’t sleep on her. She can make moves if other competitors are off the mark.

Bikini Line Up

  1. Susana Aramayo (Argentina)
  2. Tessa Barresi (Victoria, BC Canada)
  3. Catherine Daniel (New Zealand)
  4. Nicole Engman (Lehi, Utah)
  5. Taryn Flanagan (West Kelowna, BC Canada)
  6. Shelby Pierce (Sacramento, California)
  7. Jennifer Roberts (Kimberly, BC Canada)
  8. Ayleen Santander (Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada)
  9. Maria Sharp (Abbotsford, Canada)
  10. Maxine Somov (Delta, BC Canada)
  11. Karen Wall (Victoria, BC Canada)
  12. Natalie Waples (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
  13. Elizabeth Yisrael (Snohomish, Washington)
  14. Laura Ziv (France)

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