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Toronto Pro Super Show Predictions 2019

Andrew Bukowsky

Contest Coverage Sponsored By ALLMAX

This coming weekend plays host to the biggest bodybuilding competition in Canada, hosted in Toronto, Ontario June 1stand 2nd. In this report, you will find the Muscle Insider Predictions for the 2019 Toronto Pro Super Show.

Men’s Open Bodybuilding

John De La Rosa is coming off a win at the Puerto Rico Pro last weekend, coming in strong to Toronto. This is a good move for him, he looks great and he’s been known to improve from show to show. He’s our stand-out as the one to beat at this show in Men’s Open Bodybuilding.

Iain Valliere is coming of an incredible 2018 season, winning the show in Spain and making it once again to the Olympia stage. One of the local favourites, hailing from Ottawa, he’s likely one of the most dangerous threats to De La Rosa for winning this division. Iain may not have the structure of De La Rosa, but he has harder conditioning, more mass and that young, freaky, grainy muscle.

Josh Wade is one of Allmax Nutrition’s athletes and one of the most conditioned competitors in any show. Taking away an impressive 3rdplace last week in California, Josh is always right in the mix with the top contenders. He’s one of the more massive guys in the lineup and is our dark horse for the win if John De La Rosa is off even a bit. Again, he doesn’t have the genetic structure of a tiny waist and big broad shoulders, but he has added an incredible amount of muscle to his frame and always comes in hard and dry which is tough to beat. We always say that conditioning wins shows and Josh is always in condition. We see Josh finishing first or second, but just where in the placings will depend on how sharp the other guys come into this show. With ALLMAX’s new IMPACT PUMP in his gym bag, Josh is ready for battle no doubt. 

James Hollingshead is another that we expect to see in the top 5 when the dust settles on stage. He’s a hard-working guy with lots of muscle and lots of conditioning. When guys step on stage in less than peak shape, he starts knocking them off one-by-one. 

Quinton Eriya is another competitor out of Ontario, that tends to sneak up on people, just because he’s not really well known yet, but is structurally better than many guys on stage. His biggest challenge will be standing next to some of these guys that have so much more muscle than he is bringing to stage. With his frame being as good as it is, if he brings the perfect conditioning, he could be a wild card to slide into that top 5. 

Johnni Shreve is someone that we like also, mostly because he also has a great structure and is another guy that we would not be surprised to see make it into the top 5 placings. We’ll see if Johnni has done his homework in the offseason as coming in shape has never been his problem. It’s not the amateur ranks any more Johnni, and this is the open division where MASS rules. 

Matt Kouba is another Allmax athlete we are looking forward to seeing what he will bring to stage this weekend. He is coming off a disappointing 11thplace at the California Pro last weekend, but if he is to focus more on his conditioning and dryness, with less emphasis on staying full, this should help him to climb back up in the placings.

Men’s 212

The biggest surprise for us, was to see the name Hadi Choopan on the line up card and then see it come down! Before Flex Lewis retired from the 212-division last year, Hadi was seen as the only one that could beat Flex. The problem is, because of the US travel bans, Hadi can’t get a visa to travel to the States to compete at the Olympia. We contacted his trainer Hany Rambod who explained why Hadi Choopan will not compete at the Toronto Pro: 

“He got his visa late and the logistics were too difficult to travel all the way from Iran.” 

There is no doubt in our minds that Choopan would have walked away with the big win here. He has the mass, conditioning and really doesn’t have any holes in his physique.

Mahmood Al Durrah continues to get better and better, from show to show. He was a little flat at his last competition, but hopefully he fixes that issue and comes in on point this weekend. If he comes in at his best, we still don’t see him besting Hadi, but Durrah very well could take second place. 

Samir Troudi is looking at his best these days, so should be coming in strong and we see him finishing top 3, but still not likely to touch Hadi for the top spot.

Mboya Edwards is gunning to finally pull it all together for this show. He came close to winning this class many years ago (when it was the 202 class) but Mboya is at that point in his career where he needs a pro show win to take his career to get noticed. We like Mboya and he does a great deal for the community in Toronto but the competition is very tough and a whole new crop of athletes are here now.  

Women’s Physique

Margita Zamolova is one to watch out for, coming off a big win at the Puerto Rico Pro last weekend. She consistently looks great on stage and really pulled it all together for an impressive showing. This is a big improvement from her 5th place at the 2019 Arnold Classic in Ohio. We won’t be surprised if we see her walking off the Toronto stage with another victory.


Jennifer Dorie is a local fan favourite out of Ontario, has consistently been placing in the top 5 in all her pro show appearances, other than an impressive 10th place finish at her first Olympia showing in 2018. At last year’s Toronto Pro Show, she placed 3rdand most recently came in 2nd place at the New York Pro. Some of her other recent shows, we’ve seen Jennifer bring a bit of a softer physique than usual. We feel if she brings in a tighter package, we very well could see her take home her first pro bikini win.

Jennifer Ronzitti seems to be one of the favourites that could walk away with the bikini title this weekend in Toronto. Jennifer represents Allmax and looks to regain her bikini champion title, from her first pro show win at the 2016 Toronto Pro Show. This very well could be her time to earn her ticket back to the Olympia stage this September.

Ashley Jenell will bring some heat to the Toronto stage, fresh off her win at the Optimum Classic Pro last weekend. From a 16thplacing at the 2018 Olympia and 11that the 2019 Arnold Classic, this is a huge win for her, so should be one to watch out for in Toronto.

Beatriz Biscaia is someone that has been very successful in her professional bikini career to date, winning both the Kai Greene Classic Pro in 2018 and the Big Man Weekend Pro in April 2019, along with a 2ndplace finish at the 2019 Muscle Contest Japan Pro. We expect to see Beatriz finish with one of the top placings in Toronto this weekend.

Men’s Physique

Ismael Dominguez is looking to come in strong this weekend. He was very impressive last year, bouncing back from a 6th place finish at the 2018 Toronto Pro to take the 1st place title a few weeks later at the 2018 Vancouver IFBB Pro show. He has great shape and size on a small frame, so look out for Ismael to finish in the top 3.

Eren Legend has recently signed on with Allmax Nutrition and made his return to the stage, after taking a brief hiatus from competing, at the New York Pro. Although it was disappointing to see Eren get lost in the shuffle in New York, but with some solid muscle and structure on his frame, he needs to bring the sharpness in his physique this weekend that he had when he won his very first pro show in the 2015 Vancouver IFBB Pro.

Scott Dennis is another Allmax athlete that is making his return to stage, after taking a break for the 2018 competitive season. While his 2017 season was disappointing for Scott, after an impressive first pro season in 2016, he is looking fuller and harder than ever coming into this weekend’s show in Toronto. 

Shahin Zolfaghari is looking to make another strong showing at this year’s show. From two strong placings in his 2018 pro debut, with a 7thplace in Toronto and 2ndin Vancouver, we are looking forward to seeing what package he brings to the stage this year.


Ashley Wiens is looking to continue making strides in her professional Figure career. After a slow start in her first pro season in 2018, Ashley made great strides to finish top 10 in this year’s Pittsburgh Pro. Representing Allmax, we expect to see Ashley finish with another strong top 10 finish.

Jeni Briscoe is one of our Canadian Figure Pros, returning to the stage in Toronto this year, after taking some time away from competing. From what we’ve seen in recent updates, the time off has done her well. We are looking at a leaner, fuller physique that should not only ensure she makes another top 10 finish, but potentially even hit a top 5 placing.

Rhea Gayle should be one you keep your eyes on at this weekend’s show. Coming off 3rdplace finishes at both the New York Pro and last week’s Puerto Rico Pro shows. She has a nice small waist and the “Y” frame that you look for in a Figure competitor. Not likely to see her place out of the top 3 in Toronto.

Tarryn Garlington has been enjoying a rather successful professional Figure career these two seasons since turning pro. Her first 3 pro shows she finished with two 3rdplace and one 4thplace and most recently placed 7that the Upper Midwest Pro. She has great legs and shoulders, but what seems to hold her back is a waist that is not as tiny, compared to many of the other Figure Pros we see on stage.

Sandra Grajales has been making steady improvements every year, since her first Olympia debut in 2016. Most recently coming in 2ndplace in the St. Louis Pro as well as the Pittsburgh Pro this year, she could be one that has a strong potential to win this year’s Toronto Pro Show.

Alexis Sullivan placed out of the top 10 this year at the 2019 New York Pro, but is looking to defend her title as the 2018 Toronto Pro Show Figure Champion. In New York she did not have the sharpness and conditioning that she had in Toronto last year. She will need to bring back that package from last year, if she hopes to take away that 1stplace again.

Men’s Classic Physique

Edgard John-Augustin is coming into Toronto looking his best. The Bionic Body is our most recent Muscle Insider Cover Model and has such an impressive physique. This is a guy that works so hard and does not allow any limitations slow him down. We worry that it may be difficult for some to fairly judge him, with both legs having artificial limbs. We hope to see him finishing in that top 10, if not even better.


This is a stacked class of Canadian competitors. Fifty percent are from Canada! Although both Allison Ethier and Sara Kovach had appearances at the Olympia last year, Jodi Boam has the talent, genetics and capability to take top stop. After a stint in the Women’s Physique division, she's back and, barring any injuries, is believed to make an immediate impact.


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