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A Look at the 2024 Canadian Pro Bodybuilding Schedule

Roger "Rock" Lockridge

With the 2024 Arnold Classic in the rearview mirror, the new calendar season is here, and we’re on the road to Las Vegas for the historic 60th Olympia. That means there are numerous shows taking place around the world for all 11 IFBB Pro League divisions to help determine the fields for those competitions. All winners that have yet to qualify between now and September 15, 2024, will be eligible to grace the Olympia stage.

You can see the full schedule for each division over at the IFBB Pro League website, but we wanted to give you a sneak peek at how Canada plays a role in all of this. There are a few Canadian shows on the schedule that you may want to keep an eye on because they could have an impact on what happens in Vegas this October.


One of the first shows of the Women’s Bodybuilding season will be the Vancouver Island Showdown in Victoria, BC in mid-April. Corey Swiergosz is also going to host Women’s Physique and Wellness contests, which will make this a big weekend on the women’s side of the stage. Sherry Priami took the 2023 Women’s Bodybuilding title, the Women’s Physique winner was Anne-Lorraine Mohn, and the popular Kassandra Gillis took home the Wellness win. We don’t know who will be in this year’s edition just yet, but you can find out more information about the show itself at https://influentialsports.com/vanisleshowdown/.


Bodybuilding and Toronto have been connected since 1997, when Milos Sarcev won the Toronto Pro and qualified for the Mr. Olympia. Every year since 2011, the Toronto Pro has been held and has only gotten bigger and better since. Promoter Ron Hache has one of the largest shows on the calendar with 10 of the 11 pro divisions being featured. There is no Fitness division event. Masters’ fans will also be treated to some great competitions as well. Past champions for the Men’s Open division include eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman, Victor Martinez, Juan Morel (twice), and several others. The 2023 winner was Iain Valliere, and it was his final show and victory before retiring. For more information about this show, go to http://www.torontoproshow.com/.

2024 VANCOUVER PRO – July 13th and 14th

Vancouver Pro promoter Michelle Krack will host Men’s Bodybuilding, Men’s Classic Physique, Men’s Physique, Fitness, Figure & Bikini competitions at the 2024 edition of the show in Vancouver. You may recognize some Men’s Open winners from this show too, such as Hadi Choopan, who now has a Sandow Trophy and two Arnold Classic trophies in his possession. Fouad Abiad took this title in 2015, and Valliere won this show in his career too. The 2023 winner was Hassan Mostafa. Information about this competition can be found at http://www.vanproshow.com/.

The 2024 season is sure to have some big moments and inspiring competitions, and there is a good chance you can see some of them on Canadian soil. Make sure you go out to support these shows and the athletes competing in them and check back with Muscle Insider throughout the season for more updates and the latest developments as well.


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