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IFBB Wellness Pro Emily Azzarello Confirmed for 2024 New York Pro

Roger "Rock" Lockridge

Bodybuilding and fitness fans associate the Wellness division with Brazil, and for good reason, but Canada is starting to make a strong case for that number two slot. One reason why is Emily Azzarello, who is coming off a win at the 2024 Vancouver Island Showdown in Victoria, BC. She is now qualified to compete at the 2024 Wellness Olympia in Las Vegas, NV this October.

However, if you’ve been following along with Muscle Insider on social media, then you know she plans to make a little detour on that road to Vegas, specifically Teaneck, New Jersey and the 2024 New York Pro on Saturday, May 18th. If you did miss that announcement, you can see it in our Instagram post.

Azzarello may be a new star in the eyes of some fans, but those that follow Wellness could see her coming from a mile away. She was very competitive in 2023 by placing sixth at the Pittsburgh Pro and third at the Toronto Pro SuperShow, and she turned pro at the Toronto Pro Qualifier in 2021.

This will be her first time competing at the New York Pro, but she knows she is in for a serious contest. She even said as much when making the announcement.

“I heard that two top five Olympians from last year are doing it, the plan is to go there and do our homework before the Olympia, so we can hopefully secure a great placing at the O.”

Don’t let that statement be perceived as one of settling, however. She can certainly make an impact on that lineup and gain serious momentum going into the Olympia. The two top five Olympians have yet to be named officially, but the only five names it could be are three-time Olympia champion Francielle Mattos, Isabelle Nunes, Elisa Alcantara, Kassandra Gillis (also from Canada), and Gisele Machado.

The reason this is such a smart move for Azzarello is that she does not have to win the show to maintain her Olympia eligibility. She won’t lose it if she loses the contest but imagine the confidence she could gain for her first Olympia by placing well or even winning the New York Pro. Beyond the win itself, she could keep another competitor from qualifying for the Olympia since she is qualified already.

You can follow Azzarello on Instagram @emilyazzarello_ifbbpro to see how she progresses leading up to the big contest. Stay tuned to Muscle Insider for more updates as well.

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