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Canadas Chances at the 2023 Olympia – Womens Divisions

Roger “Rock” Lockridge

The 2023 Olympia Weekend is fast approaching. 11 world championships will be decided in Orlando, Florida on Nov. 2-5, 2023, and Canada hopes to have some of those Olympia titles come back with the competitors on their flights home. The women’s side of the stage has several contenders that could potentially be in the running for Bob Cicherillo to announce as a winner. There are no Canadians in the Ms. Olympia contest, but here is a look at Canada’s chances in the other five women’s divisions. You can see the full rosters of the women’s divisions here.


Women’s Physique Olympia

Emilija Martic

The only Canadian in the Women’s Physique Olympia is Emilija Martic, who won the 2023 Toronto Pro Supershow. It’s almost universally accepted that this contest will come down to the last two winners – Natalia Abraham Coelho and Sarah Villegas. Martic will be making her Olympia debut, as will 10 other competitors. Only eight of the 19 competitors have been in the Olympia before, so two first-timers are guaranteed to finish in the top 10. There’s no reason to think that Martic couldn’t be one of them. She has shown the potential to be a superstar in the division.


Fitness Olympia

  • Missy Truscott
  • Jodi Boam
  • Taylor Learmont

Missy Truscott is listed as representing the USA, but she is from Canada, so we’re counting the two-time and defending champion here, and she has a good chance to make it three wins on the biggest stage. She will have to contend against Whitney Jones, who missed 2022 due to health issues and last year’s runner-up Jaclyn Baker. Then there’s two-time Fitness International winner Ariel Khadr, who is bound and determined to win this year.

As for Jodi Boam and Taylor Learmont, both could realistically be in the top ten, with one of them possibly each reaching the top six. The performances must be on point if that is going to happen for either of them, though.


Figure Olympia

Lola Montez

Lola Montez is the only Canadian in the Figure Olympia, but she was third in that contest one year ago, which meant she qualified for the 2023 Olympia automatically. Cydney Gillon has dominated that division to the tune of six Olympia wins, and she is the favorite to win number seven. However, she could very well compete with 2022 runner-up Jessica Reyes Padilla and if Gillon happens to be off the mark, anything can happen. Canada has never had a Figure Olympia winner, but Montez has the potential to be the first.


Bikini Olympia

  • Jennifer Dorie
  • Lauralie Chapados

2021 Bikini Olympia winner Jennifer Dorie and two-time Bikini International winner Lauralie Chapados could potentially be compared for the win in this year’s contest. Defending champion Maureen Blanquisco, 2020 winner Janet Layug, and three-time champion Ashley Kaltwasser may have something to say about that, but there is a good chance that the title will make its way back across the U.S. / Canada border next month. Dorie is the only Canadian champion in the division’s history.


Wellness Olympia

Kassandra Gillis

The Wellness division is closely associated with Brazil, but Canadian Kassandra Gillis can take the Wellness Olympia title this year. She won the 2023 Wellness International contest in Columbus, OH in March, and she was fourth in the 2022 Olympia. Francielle Mattos is the defending champion, but Gillis has made great improvements in her prep. The fans will be in for a great show thanks to those two athletes as well as the rest of the field.

Stay tuned to Muscle Insider to see Canada’s chances on the men’s side of the stage as well as our predictions for who will win the Olympia in Orlando.

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