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The Arnold Classic UK is Back!

Roger Lockridge

The inaugural Arnold Sports UK festival was such a hit that it is making a return in 2022. This year’s edition will be held on the weekend of Sept, 23-25 in Birmingham, England. Like the 2021 edition, this year’s festival will have several strength sports and events to enjoy, but bodybuilding will be front and center. Here‘s a brief look at what will be happening in the United Kingdom.



The second edition of the Arnold Classic UK contest will take place, featuring six IFBB Pro League divisions – women’s physique, women’s figure, women’s fitness, bikini, men's wheelchair, men’s physique, and the main event: men’s open bodybuilding.

In the bodybuilding contest, home country favorite James Hollingshead with go up against another giant name from his part of the world, Jamie “The Giant” Christian-Johal. Rising star and now Yamamoto Nutrition Pro champion Vlad Suhoruchko is in this lineup as well as another man who has garnered a lot of attention, Marc Hector.

Former Olympia champion Ashley Kaltwasser will grace the Bikini stage with hopes of adding yet another win to her incredible career. The popular Wesley Vissers will be among the men lined up for the Classic Physique division, and there are several other athletes in all the divisions that will look to make names for themselves on a very big stage.



There will be an expo that is already generating excitement from the fans that anticipate attending the Arnold Sports UK. Muscle Insider can confirm that Canada will be well represented because both Mutant and Muscletech will be involved with the festivities.

Mutant will have a booth, and they’re bringing their stars along to meet the fans. Among those that will be at the booth are Ron Partlow, Dusty Hanshaw, and Klaus Myren Riss. Even the Hall of Famer himself, Shawn Ray, will be there to spread the good word of both bodybuilding and Mutant. They will also be loud and proud in the crowd as they cheer on their teammate Jamie the Giant as he competes.

We don’t know all of Muscletech’s plans as of yet, but they aren’t a brand that goes halfway on anything. So, while we don’t have specifics, we do expect them to show up and show out at this international event with ample sampling of their science backed products!


Meet Your Heroes

The Meet Your Heroes event was a huge success in 2021, and it will be even bigger this year. Aside from co-promoter Eddie Hall, Arnold Schwarzenegger himself is expected to be in attendance to share stories, advice, and inspire the people there to see him. His event is sold-out, but the guest list reads like a who’s who list. The following athletes are promoted for the Meet Your Heroes event.

  • Ronnie Coleman
  • Jay Cutler
  • Lee Haney
  • Tia-Clair Toomey
  • Mat Fraser
  • Jean-Claude Van Damme
  • Michael Bisping
  • Sugar Ray Leonard
  • David Goggins


Other Sports Featured

Other strength sports and events that are going to be showcased at the Arnold Classic UK will be strongman and strongwoman competitions, the Arnold Fitness Games, MMA, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, cheerleading, submission wrestling, and powerlifting. Muscle Insider will have continuing coverage of the 2022 Arnold Sports UK leading up to the big weekend in Birmingham. Stay tuned for the latest developments as they happen.

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