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2024 Toronto Pro SuperShow Predictions – Womens Categories


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We’ve already covered off our predictions for the Men’s Categories at the 2024 Toronto Pro SuperShow, so here we dive into what we expect to see from the Women this weekend at the Delta Toronto Airport and Conference Centre on Sunday, June 9th. As mentioned in our previous reporting, the women that win each of their categories earn their way to the 60th Anniversary of The Olympia in Las Vegas, October 10th, and 11th.

Women’s Bodybuilding

We had the opportunity to see Melanie Horton in person at the recent Vancouver Island Showdown, where she took home third place. Melanie packs a solid amount of muscle on a small frame, so we look forward to seeing what package she brings to stage at this year’s Toronto Pro SuperShow. Nadia Capotosto is making her return to the stage this weekend for the first time since we saw her at the 2022 Rising Phoenix Arizona Pro. She placed 12th at that show, but from what we can see in her recent progress pictures on social media, she could be a dark horse in this show. Ava Melillo is making her IFBB Pro Debut at this show, after winning her IFBB Pro Card two years ago at the 2022 NPC North American Championships. The most recent update we’ve seen of her physique was 4 weeks ago, where she was looking like she was about to start peak week. The one that we should be watching for in this show is Sheena Ohlig. She’s taken a bit of a break from the stage, but from recent history, we’ve seen her win the 2021 Chicago Pro as well as three of her four competitions in 2022 Ohlig finished top four.

Women’s Physique

When we look at the IFBB Pro Women’s Physique division, it’s hard not to think back to Dana Linn Bailey displaying absolute beauty and grace along with her well-developed muscular physique. There are 15 women competing at the 2024 Toronto Pro SuperShow in Women’s Physique this weekend. One of the names that we will be watching for is Olivia Bian. We didn’t see much of her in this past year, but she was guest posing at the recent Olympia Amateur China. From that guest appearance and recent progress updates, she is looking like a contender for the top spot. There will be 4 ladies representing Canada in this division. Sarah Bow earned her IFBB Pro Card in 2021 at the Canadian Natural Pro Qualifier, so we are looking forward to seeing her on stage. Georgina D’Abreo makes her return to the Toronto Pro SuperShow stage. We saw her last year place out of the top 10, but we’ll see what this year will bring for her. We feel Canada’s best chance at a top spot this weekend will be with Nadia Vandal. With a second-place finish at the 2023 Chicago Pro, just a few minor improvements to her physique, and you could see her punching her ticket to Olympia.


This weekend we will see the IFBB Pro Figure division will be the largest category, with 23 amazing ladies taking the stage. We recently saw Emily Hammond compete at the New York Pro, where she managed to break into the to 10 in a competitive class. Hammond has great shape and nice, full muscles. If she can manage to bring tighter conditioning, she may have a good chance to make it into the top callout. Another Canadian to keep an eye on is Mandy Urner. She had a busy 2023 competition season, with nice presentations at the Texas Pro and Sasquatch Pro. Urner has been doing a great job of improving upon her physique year after year. Manon Dutilly, also hailing from Canada, has a history of strong performances and she’s known for her impressive conditioning and symmetry. We saw her take second place at this show last year, and from what we’ve see in recent progress pictures Dutilly has shared, we believe she will be a force to be reconned with in Toronto. Gabriela Linhartova of the Czech Republic has a very robust competition history, especially over the past two seasons. Her most recent victory at the 2023 Europa Pro Show means that she should give Manon a run for her money.


As one would expect, the IFBB Pro Bikini category is another large group, with 20 stunning ladies taking to the stage on Sunday. After placing second at the 2023 Vancouver Pro Show to Ashley Kaltwasser, we expect to see Maxine Somov to be a standout on stage at the Toronto Pro SuperShow. Racquel Hutchinson has shown consistent performance in recent competitions. Securing a fourth-place finish at the 2023 Optimum Classic Pro, demonstrated her potential in the Pro Bikini division. Detailed conditioning and stage presence is what Marylou Charette has become known for in her competitive history. She has a solid track record making her one to watch this weekend. It was nice to see Karen Orlena back on stage again at last week’s Miami Muscle Beach Pro Show. While Orlena didn’t make it into the top 10 in Miami, we’ll see how she presents back on Canadian soil. Another Canadian that we saw last year at the 2023 Vancouver Pro Show was Gina Switzeny, who made it into the top 10 lineup in Abbotsford. Switzeny has made great progress in her recent showings. She’s really improved upon her conditioning and stage presence, which makes us think she could be a strong competitor at the Toronto Pro SuperShow.

Toronto Pro SuperShow Weekend

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