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2024 Toronto Pro SuperShow Predictions – Mens Categories

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This year’s Toronto Pro Show is looking to be an impressive display of muscle and talent, with a combined total of over 150 competitors stepping on the pro stage. These numbers show that the bodybuilding scene in Canada is coming back strong, with numbers reminiscent of the 2019 Toronto Pro SuperShow. This year’s show takes place on Sunday, June 9th, with the IFBB Pro Qualifier going down the day before on Saturday, June 8th.

There will be a total of 10 categories competing at the 2024 Toronto Pro SuperShow, hosted at the Delta Toronto Airport and Conference Centre. While this show will have Open and Masters categories, we’re sharing with you our predictions as to who we feel has the best potential for top placings and even winning the Open IFBB Pro Show, punching their ticket to the 60th Anniversary of The Olympia in Las Vegas, October 10th and 11th.

Men’s Open Bodybuilding

Let’s jump right in and look at the mass-monsters that will be stepping on the Men’s Open Bodybuilding stage on Sunday. As we mentioned last week, Hassan Mostafa is returning to Toronto after placing second at last year’s show. Placing runner-up to Iain Valliere, Mostafa then moved on to the Vancouver Pro Show a few weeks later, where he ended up taking the championship title and earning his Olympia qualification. Akim Williams was very impressive at the 2024 Arnold Classic, so if he can bring that similar condition to Toronto, he is likely to be the one that will keep Mostafa from taking the title. We are also excited to see Robin Strand on stage, especially after his impressive guest posing performance at the recent Sudbury Classic Open in Ontario. Strand placed fourth at this show last year, so we think he needs to be in the conversation for this year. It would be foolish to think that Tim Budesheim, and Quinton Eriya are not in the running to potentially take that top spot in this show. We’re curious to see what Quinton will bring to stage, after he was extremely disappointed with his showing at the New York Pro, leading him to cut ties with coach Matt Jansen. One thing you can count on here, is you can expect this one to be quite the battle of the beasts!

Men’s 212 Bodybuilding

212 Bodybuilding at the 2024 Toronto Pro SuperShow is one of the bigger classes stepping on stage this weekend, with a total of 20 competitors. Canada is represented well in this category, and one athlete that we are looking forward to seeing is Cody Drobot. We feel Drobot is the favourite coming into this show. He had a successful rookie 2022 season, where he placed 4th in the Tampa Pro, 2nd in the Texas Pro the following week, as well as achieving a 2nd place finish in Vancouver. And, from what we’ve seen in his progress photos and guest posing at the Alberta Open show, he should be a stand-out on stage. He works with Neil “Yoda” Hill, and together they’ve really built a champion-level physique. We feel that Cody has what it takes to win the show and earn his qualification to the Olympia. Having said that, we don’t want to dismiss the gains we’ve seen coming from Stephen Didoshak. If we’re not mistaken, the last time we saw these two on stage together was at the 2022 Texas Pro Show, where Drobot took home second place and Didoshak finishing in seventh. From what we’ve seen of both competitors, this should be a much closer result than we’ve seen in the past. Christian Zagarella placed fourth at the New York Pro this year, with a solid physique. Zagarella is one that could potentially edge out Drobot and Didoshak for that number one spot.

Wheelchair Bodybuilding

This year we will see two athletes competing in the Wheelchair Bodybuilding category. Anand Arnold from India and Eugenio Molino of Italy will be displaying remarkable determination and skill, that we are so excited to watch. Arnold has an extensive contest history filled with more victories than we can list, with his most recent contests results being:

  • 2023 Sheru Classic India Pro (Mumbai): 3rd place
  • 2022 Wheelchair Olympia: 12th place
  • 2019 Toronto Pro Supershow: 2nd place
  • 2019 Arnold Classic (USA): 3rd place
  • 2018 Wheelchair Olympia: 2nd place

Eugenio Molino also has an impressive record when it comes to IFBB Pro competitions. We expect to see Molino take home the victory at this year’s Toronto Pro SuperShow, as we saw him edge out Arnold in Mumbai, coming runner up to Rajesh John. Eugenio’s recent contest record is just as impressive:

  • 2023 Sheru Classic UK Pro: 1st place
  • 2023 Sheru Classic India Pro (Mumbai): 2nd place
  • 2023 Toronto Pro Show: 2nd place
  • 2022 Toronto Pro Show: 2nd place
  • 2021 Toronto Pro Show: 3rd place

Men’s Classic Physique

With another large class, we should see some good matchups here in the Classic Physique Division. When we review the list of athletes, Blake Course stands out as a front-runner. He’s made significant improvements this year, adding nice size and depth to his physique. He shared a side-by-side comparison to social media a few weeks ago, comparing his physique at 5.5 weeks out to the 2024 Toronto Pro SuperShow with his 5.5 weeks out in 2022. We can see in that photo he is up 14 pounds, while looking sharper, more size all around, and better conditioning. More recently posted progress photos are even more impressive. Another local favourite we’d like to see in the running is Gregory Dawson. The Toronto Pro SuperShow is a familiar stage for Dawson, as it was on that stage in 2022 where he earned his IFBB Pro Card, returning in 2023 to take third place. Most recently he had a disappointing 10th place finish in Pittsburgh, but Toronto is a show he tends to perform well at. Always a crowd favourite and Muscle Insider Cover Model, we’re excited to see Edgard “Bionic Body” John-Augustin make his return to the Toronto Pro SuperShow stage. Compared to his showing in 2023 at the New York Pro and Pittsburgh Pro, recent progress photos look like he’s added some quality muscle to his frame. Making a switch this year from Men’s Physique to Classic Physique, we see Kenyon Leno. We’ve seen him bring a nice upper body to the stage in past years, but we haven’t really seen how his legs will stack up on stage in Classic.

Men’s Physique

We’ve been keeping our eyes on one of the newest IFBB Pro Men’s Physique competitors on the scene lately, in Chris Mantovani. Earning his IFBB Pro Card at the 2023 Ben Weider Natural Pro Qualifier, Mantovani has brought a great overall look and physique to the Pittsburgh Pro and New York Pro stages already this year. While he didn’t make first callout in either show, he was up against veteran competitors in a couple of stacked lineups. We feel this could be the show that Chris may earn his way into the top five. Austin Bellanger is another Canadian that is familiar with the Toronto Pro SuperShow stage, as he earned his IFBB Pro Card on this very stage in 2022. Returning last year with a 9th place finish, he’s looking to move his way up this year after a solid growth season. Kadeem Hillman comes into this show as our pick for a high probability of winning the show. He’s already qualified for the 2024 Mr. Olympia, after his win at the 2023 Ben Weider Naturals Pro Show.

Toronto Pro SuperShow Weekend

Be sure to stay tuned to Muscle Insider for all the action. We’ll have updates happening on the Muscle Insider website, as well as on our social media. You’ll find us on Instagram @muscleinsider and catch our interviews on the Muscle Insider YouTube channel. Of course, we want to thank Grindstone Blends for sponsoring our contest coverage of the 2024 Toronto Pro SuperShow.

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