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2023 Vancouver Island Showdown Recap

The first IFBB Pro League event for Canada was held on Sunday, April 23rd. The 2023 Vancouver Island Showdown is now in the history books, and there were 18 incredible athletes featured in all three divisions at this show. If you missed the pay-per-view stream or were unable to attend, here’s a brief look back at what happened in Victoria, BC.


Women’s Bodybuilding

No athlete in this division had won a show prior to this contest. For Sherry Priami, that is no longer the case, and she is going to the Ms. Olympia thanks to winning the first Women’s Bodybuilding event of the year in a dominating fashion. Priami scored her first pro victory thanks to achieving straight first-place votes. Only one round of the contest was scored by the judges. Coming in second place was Julia Whitesel, and third place went to Melina Perron of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The top five for this division is below.

  1. Sherry Priami
  2. Julia Whitesel
  3. Melina Perron
  4. Keisha Oliver
  5. Tananarive Efuru Huie


Women’s Physique

2022 Women’s Physique Olympia seventh-place finisher Anne-Lorraine Mohn needed to win the first competition of her division’s season so she can qualify for the Olympia. She not only scored the win at this show, but it’s her fourth straight victory in contests outside of the Olympia. She has five wins to her credit overall and looks as if she could potentially improve upon that previous Olympia finish. The runner-up was Emilija Martic, and wrapping up the top three was Michele Steeves. Here are the final standings for all five competitors.

  1. Anne-Lorraine Mohn
  2. Emilija Martic
  3. Michele Steeves
  4. Lisa Kudrey
  5. Alejandra Chacon Valazquez



Jennifer Zollars and Nicolette Burns could use a win at this show to be invited to the 2023 Wellness Olympia in Orlando, FL this November. Unfortunately for them, Kassandra Gillis competed in this show as well. The winner of the 2023 Wellness International was the only Canadian in the show, but she was able to secure this title as well. Gillis was already Olympia-qualified, so both Zollars and Burns will have to compete in other shows and win at least one if they want to join Gillis in Orlando.

  1. Kassandra Gillis
  2. Jennifer Zollars
  3. Nicolette Burns

Canada’s next pro event will be the 2023 Toronto Pro Supershow in Toronto, Ontario. All five men’s divisions and five of the six women’s divisions will be held at this contest. For more information on the full pro schedule for 2023, go to http://torontoproshow.com or www.ifbbpro.com .

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