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2023 Texas Pro Results

The 2023 Texas Pro included eight pro contests, and it could be considered one of the most entertaining shows of the season so far. No contest was a certainty, and multiple shows came down to the wire, including both the Men’s Open and Classic Physique division, which saw a surprise winner. Here’s a brief look back at the action from the Lone Star State.


Men’s Open Bodybuilding

Andrew Jacked and Hunter Labrada both showed up in incredible shape, and the judges clearly had a hard time making a final decision on who was better. Both men had to go through multiple comparisons throughout the day, which they and fans loved. In the end, Jacked was given the win by two points on the scorecards, meaning Labrada got first place votes. In the end, Jacked defended his title and is now qualified for the Mr. Olympia. Third place in the Men’s Open went to Carlos Thomas Jr., who was making his debut. That means we got the top three prediction exactly right.

  1. Andrew Jacked
  2. Hunter Labrada
  3. Carlos Thomas Jr.
  4. Lewis Breed
  5. Jordan Hutchinson



We also predicted that Keone Pearson and Noel Adame would go one, two in the 212, and we were correct again. Pearson showed up in what many in attendance felt was his best shape ever to take the 212 win and Olympia qualification. Adame was impressive in his own right but had to settle for the runner-up spot. Francisco Barrias Vik rounded out the top three. Our predicted third place finisher, Justin Jacoby, finished in fifth place.

  1. Keone Pearson
  2. Noel Adame
  3. Francisco Barrias Vik
  4. Jason Joseph
  5. Justin Jacoby


Classic Physique

We didn’t get the top three for Classic Physique right, but in our defense, no one saw this finish coming. Jae Hun Park pulled off what may be the upset of the year by winning the Classic Physique title and qualifying for the Classic Physique Olympia. He was undoubtedly in the best shape of his life, and he was rewarded for that effor. Robert Timms and Logan Franklin took second and third, respectively.

  1. Jae Hun Park
  2. Robert Timms
  3. Logan Franklin
  4. Benjamin Zimmerman
  5. Dancovea Anderson


Men’s Physique

We thought Nick Koeu would finally get his win and Olympia qualification here, but it wasn’t meant to be. Jeremiah Maxey is your Men’s Physique champion with Clarence McSpadden Jr. finishing in second place. Koeu took the bronze medal. Maxey now moves on to the Olympia if he doesn’t choose to compete again sooner.

  1. Jeremiah Maxey
  2. Clarence McSpadden Jr.
  3. Nick Koeu
  4. Joshua Guidry
  5. Mitch Starr


Women’s Physique

Ivie Rhein was a very safe guess for winning this show, and she came through by winning both rounds with a perfect score. The rest of the top three wasn’t so easy. The final holders of those spots are Alyssa Kiessling and Ceci Barba, respectively. Rhein is now eligible to try improving on her fifth-place finish at the 2022 Olympia.

  1. Ivie Rhein
  2. Alyssa Kiessling
  3. Ceci Barba
  4. Sara Bradley
  5. Donna Jones



2022 Figure Olympia runner-up Jessica Reyes Padilla was also a defending champion of this event, and she went back-to-back in 2023. She was already qualified for the Olympia, so no qualification was awarded for this division. Ashley Howells finished in second place with Tamara Barrett taking third.

  1. Jessica Reyes Padilla
  2. Ashley Howells
  3. Tamara Barrett
  4. Amie Mock
  5. Lena Ramsteiner



2019 Bikini Olympia winner Elisa Pecini would enter this show, but she was unable to win it. Ashlyn Little took her second straight victory here following her win at the Tampa Pro. Pecini finished as the runner-up. We had Tamekia Carter predicted for second, but she would finish one spot below that.

  1. Ashlyn Little
  2. Elisa Pecini
  3. Tamekia Carter
  4. Yurika Shigemoto
  5. Wu Bi



Last, but not least, was the Wellness division. We correctly predicted Marissa Andrews to take the win, and she did just that. The rest of the top three were somewhat surprising. Texas residents Mia Samuels-Menjivar and Jenna de Manincor would join Andrews in the top three of what was a very competitive contest. Andrews can now focus on the Olympia and work to break the top six. She was seventh in 2022.

  1. Marissa Andrews
  2. Mia Samuels-Menjivar
  3. Jenna de Manincor
  4. Diana Verduzco Carreno
  5. Devyn Cambre

The scorecards from the Texas Pro are available to view on the IFBB Pro League website.

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