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2023 Tampa Pro Results

The bodybuilding fans in Tampa, FL were treated to ten incredible pro contests at the Tampa Pro on Aug. 4-5. Tim Gardner put on another awesome show, and winners added their names to the list of qualified athletes for the 2023 Olympia Weekend in Orlando, FL on Nov. 2-5. Here’s a quick glance at the highlights from this big show.

Men’s Open

Hunter Labrada was the biggest name out of the eight contenders in the lineup, and he showed why with an incredible physique. He won the show hands down, and the crowd knew it. He is now qualified for the Mr. Olympia, where he hopes to improve on his seventh-place finish in 2022. Jon DeLaRosa looked great as he did in the Chicago Pro but is the runner-up for the second straight show. Lewis Breed was quite impressive as well, and he rounded out the top three.

  1. Hunter Labrada
  2. Jonathan DeLaRosa
  3. Lewis Breed
  4. Joel Thomas
  5. Brady King



Fabricio de Souza Moreira was a pleasant surprise in the 212 contest, and he left the stage as champion with the Olympia qualification in his possession. Precontest favorite Mohamed Embaby settled for second, and Diego Montoya would be announced in third place. Props to Jason Nguyen, who represented Canada in this show and finished in fourth place.

  1. Fabricio de Souza Moreira
  2. Mohamed Embaby
  3. Diego Montoya
  4. Jason Nguyen
  5. Robert Taylor


Classic Physique

A lot of the buzz going into the contest was that it would come down to Matthew Greggo and Carlos Dommar, and that was exactly how it played out. Greggo would be the last man standing, relegating Dommar to second place. Robert Waterhouse of England took third place for the second time this season.

  1. Matthew Greggo
  2. Carlos Dommar
  3. Robert Waterhouse
  4. Lucas Giaianni
  5. Camilio Diaz Garzon


Men’s Physique

A lot of fans from Canada were rooting for Dylan Bursey to win the Men’s Physique show, but he came up one spot short. Krimo Ammari would be the winner, with Bursey as the runner-up. Rodrigo Coelho took the bronze medal, and another Canadian, Billy Dahn, took fourth place.

  1. Krimo Ammari
  2. Dylan Bursey
  3. Rodrigo Coelho
  4. Billy Danh
  5. Corelle Draper


Women’s Bodybuilding

Canada held the second and fourth-place positions in Women’s Bodybuilding as well. Nicki Chartrand and Kyna Squarey took those spots, respectively. Michaela Aycock qualified for the Ms. Olympia by placing first in this show. Theresa Ivancik surprisingly took third place here.

  1. Michaela Aycock
  2. Nicki Chartrand
  3. Theresa Ivancik
  4. Kyna Squarey
  5. Julia Foery


Women’s Physique

The USA took the top eight positions in the Women’s Physique contest, with Jeannie Feldman pulling off the win over a very competitive Ivie Rhein. Robyn Mays rounded out the top three. One Canadian was in this show, and it was Melanie Horton, who placed 14th.

  1. Jeannie Feldman
  2. Ivie Rhein
  3. Robyn Mays
  4. Mikaela Lindsey
  5. Marika Jones



Allison Kramer didn’t win the Physique round in the Fitness division, but she put on an amazing performance in the Routine round, which counts for two-thirds of the overall score. Thus, she wins and is now qualified for the Fitness Olympia. Aurika Tyrgale hoped to finally win her first show of the season here, but she was placed second. Kristin Pope settled for third place.

  1. Allison Kramer
  2. Aurika Tyrgale
  3. Kristin Pope
  4. Stacy Dawn
  5. Anna Fomina



Queren Pacheco wasn’t on the list of favorites for many fans of the FIgure division, but this has been the category where athletes come out of nowhere and win big shows. Pacheco did the same, and she will move on to the 2023 Figure Olympia. Your second and third place finishers were Oyku Basar and Lena Ramsteiner.

  1. Queren Pacheco
  2. Oyku Basar
  3. Lena Ramsteiner
  4. Mariafernanda Laguna
  5. Danielle Rose



There was a time when you saw the name India Paulino and assumed she would take the win in a show. However, the former Bikini International champ placed fourth at this contest. Ashlynn Little took home her first big trophy, and she is now eligible to make her Olympia debut. Arianna Brothers made this an interesting show, but she was placed second in the end. Tatiana Lanovenko ended in the number three spot.

  1. Ashlynn Little
  2. Arianna Brothers
  3. Tatiana Lanovenko
  4. India Paulino
  5. Jordan Brannon



The Wellness category was also stacked with incredible athletes, and Rayane Fogal earned the win in the end. No one would’ve argued with Andrea Hrenko taking the “w” if the judges ruled in her favor, but they placed her in second to Fogal. Marissa Andrews also looked great, and she left with a third-place finishe.

  1. Rayane Fogal
  2. Andrea Hrenko
  3. Marissa Andrews
  4. Quintaysia Goodley
  5. Angela White

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