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2023 Optimum Classic Pro Predictions

Fans in Louisiana are gearing up for IFBB Pro League action. Shreveport, LA is going to host the 2023 Optimum Classic Pro, where four divisions will have contests to determine who gets to qualify for the 2023 Olympia weekend in Orlando, FL on Nov. 2-5. There are over 50 pros from around the world in this show, and we’re going to try to guess who will leave with first place medals around their necks.


Classic Physique Predictions

No Canadians are in the lineup, but Eric Wildberger Lisboa is, and he’s coming off a second place finish in Pittsburgh one week ago. Unless he really misses the mark, he will likely take the win here. Tomas Adame-Hernandez is someone to watch, though, and he’s started off the 2023 season on a strong note thanks to placing fourth in Charlotte and sixth in Pittsburgh. The third spot is up for grabs by any of the other competitors, but we’ll take Kendahl Richmond for that spot.

  1. Eric Wildberger Lisboa
  2. Tomas Adame-Hernandez
  3. Kendahl Richmond

The Line Up

  • Tomas Adame-Hernandez
  • Harold Bright Jr.
  • Luca Corrado 
  • Bernardo Costa
  • Isaac Dobson 
  • Keith Jenkins 
  • Eric Wildberger Lisboa          
  • Dion Merrill    
  • Olushomo Oni
  • Taj Parham
  • Kendahl Richmond    
  • Caleb Robinson         
  • Stephen Thames


Men’s Physique Predictions

Benquil Marigny already has a win this year, so he’s guaranteed an Olympia spot, but if he wins here, it would keep another athlete from qualifying. Chances are that is how the Men’s Physique show plays out. Marigny is the favorite going in, and we think he will leave as champion. Furkan Er was seventh in Pittsburgh one week ago, and we think he’ll move up at this contest. Zach Savoie is a good contender for a top three finish as well.

  1. Benquil Marigny
  2. Furkan Er
  3. Zach Savoie

The Line Up

  • Chad Caudill  
  • Bhuwan Chauhan      
  • Gary Cooper  
  • John Ezra Dew          
  • Daniele D’Onofrio      
  • Furkan Er       
  • Benquil Marigny
  • John Murphy
  • Vincenzo Palescandolo         
  • Mark Robinson          
  • Zach Savoie
  • David Short    
  • Derrick Stevenson
  • Da’Marchityz T White


Women’s Physique Predictions

Two Canadians are in this division - Alyssa Coppolino and Emilija Martic. Martic has finished second twice in 2023 and 2022. She’s due for a win, and we got her getting it in Louisiana. Ana Harias is a 2021 Olympia competitor, and she finished ninth in that contest, so it won’t be easy for Martic to win, but we got them one and two, respectively. Third place could very well go to 2022 champion Jessica Martin.

  1. Emilija Martic
  2. Ana Harias
  3. Jessica Martin

The Line Up

  • Kenina Bonner           
  • Alyssa Coppolino       
  • Marie-Solange Essoh
  • Ana Harias
  • Marika Jones
  • Emilija Martic 
  • Jessica Martin
  • Qiana McClenty
  • Toni McMurtre
  • Yarelis Ramos Perez 
  • Elena Aviles Romero 
  • Donna Williams


Bikini Predictions

Janine Herrera is trying to pull off the same feat as Marigny in Men’s Physique. She won the GRL PWR show and qualified for the Olympia, but a win here keeps someone else out. The bad news for Herrera is that Sierra Swann is in this show, and she was in the 2022 Olympia, where she tied for 16th. She wants to get back to the Olympia stage, and we see her making it happen. Third place is going to go to Kimber Bonilla, who has been making a name for herself by competing several times already this season.

  1. Sierra Swann
  2. Janine Herrera
  3. Kimber Bonilla

The Line Up

  • Lesley Billups
  • Kimber Bonilla
  • Tamekia Carter
  • Janine Herrera
  • Racquel Hutchinson
  • Lauren Kralovec
  • Lucia Malavaze
  • Marina Maliden
  • Gina Scafoglio
  • Laura Stalinkeviciute
  • Sierra Swann
  • Michelle Targonska
  • Shey Webb
  • Tianna Weymouth

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