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2023 Olympia Weekend Final Womens Lineups

Roger ”Rock” Lockridge

The biggest weekend in bodybuilding is less than one month away. The 2023 Olympia Weekend will take place on Nov. 2-5 in Orlando, FL, and all 11 pro divisions will crown champions throughout the weekend. The six women’s divisions will all be dramatic with world-class athletes bringing their best for the fans and judges. Below are the final qualified lists for all six divisions.


Ms. Olympia

Three-time Ms. Olympia Andrea Shaw has already won one major title this season, the 2023 Rising Phoenix World Championship. Since the return of the Ms. Olympia in 2020, she has been the only champion going into the 2023 showdown. If she wants to keep it that way, she will have to hold off Risig Phoenix runner-up Angela Yeo as well as 10 other contenders.

  • Andrea Shaw (USA)
  • Angela Yeo (USA)
  • Helle Trevino (USA)
  • Sherry Priami (USA)
  • Natalia Kovaleva (USA)
  • Julia Whitesel (USA)
  • Alcione Barreto (Brazil)
  • MayLa Ash (USA)
  • Kristina Mendoza (USA)
  • Michaela Aycock (USA)
  • Reshanna Boswell (USA)
  • Chelsea Dion (USA)


Women’s Physique Olympia

2022 champion Natalia Abraham Coelho felt that it was her destiny to win the Olympia someday. Now that she has the title, she has to hold off two-time winner Sarah Villegas, who has been showing some incredible progress in her prep photos. Then there’s rising star Brooke Walker, Anne-Lorraine Mohn, and the rest of the lineup that will be ready to take the title if given the chance.

  • Natalia Abraham Coelho (USA)
  • Sarah Villegas (USA)
  • Brooke Walker (USA)
  • Anne-Lorraine Mohn (France)
  • Pamela Canfield (USA)
  • Elena Aviles Romero (Spain)
  • Emily Schubert (USA)
  • Emilija Martic (Canada)
  • Romana Skotzen (United Kingdom)
  • Zana Benta (Brazil)
  • Caroline Alves Dos Santos (Brazil)
  • Amy McKown (USA)
  • Danielle LaMartina (USA)
  • Jeannie Feldman (USA)
  • Ivie Rhein (USA)
  • Karina Goncalves (Spain)
  • Alex Hall (USA)
  • Marie-Soulange Essoh (USA)
  • Julia Monroe (USA)


Fitness Olympia

The Fitness Olympia will steal the show because it will include defending champion Missy Truscott, four-time champion Oksana Grishina, three-time winner Whitney Jones, and two-time Fitness International winner Ariel Khadr, and last year’s Olympia runner-up Jaclyn Baker. The rest of the lineup is packed with hungry and worthy contenders that will put on inspirational performances.

  • Missy Truscott (USA)
  • Jaclyn Baker (USA)
  • Ariel Khadr (USA)
  • Darrian Tissenbaum (USA)
  • Oksana Grishina (Russia)
  • Tiffany Chandler (USA)
  • Amber Steffen (USA)
  • Sara Kovach (USA)
  • Jodi Boam (Canada)
  • Allison Kramer (USA)
  • Minna Pajulahti (Finland)
  • Whitney Jones (USA)
  • Michaela Pavleova (Slovakia)
  • Stephanie Jones (USA)
  • Taylor Learmont (Canada)


Figure Olympia

Six-time Figure Olympia champion Cydney Gillon is already considered the G.O.A.T. of her division, but she’s not stopping anytime soon. She will be in pursuit of number seven, but Jessica Reyes Padilla has been on a roll lately. She even won the 2023 Masters Olympia earlier this year. Don’t sleep on Lola Montez from Canada either. She can disrupt the plans of the top contenders if she is on her A game.

  • Cydney Gillon (USA)
  • Jessica Reyes Padilla (Puerto Rico)
  • Lola Montez (Canada)
  • Bojana Vasiljevic (USA)
  • Donya Jackson (USA)
  • Gabriela Consolmagno (USA)
  • Madison Dinges (USA)
  • Cherish Richardson (USA)
  • Maria Luisa Baeza Diaz Pereira (USA)
  • Natalia Soltero (Mexico)
  • Jennifer Zienert (Germany)
  • Kristen McGregor (Jamaica)
  • Adela Ondrejovicova (Slovakia)
  • Gina Palma (USA)
  • Autumn Cleveland (USA)
  • Ericka Morales Morgan (Guatemala)
  • Jossie Nathali Alarcon Becerra (Mexico)
  • Queren Pacheco (Mexico)
  • Oyku Basar (Turkey)
  • Tereza Linhartova (Czech Republic)
  • Wendy Fortino (USA)
  • Gabriela Linhartova (Czech Republic)
  • Nicole Zenobia Graham (USA)
  • Rhea Gayle (United Kingdom)
  • Lena Ramsteiner (Germany)


Bikini Olympia

There are 52 athletes in the Bikini Olympia, the largest out of any division for the weekend. Among those athletes are defending champion Maureen Blanquisco, past champions Jennifer Dorie, Janet Layug, and Ashley Kaltwasser, and two-time Arnold winner Lauralie Chapados. There are other rising stars such as Aimee Delgado, who won five shows already this year.

  • Jibin Park (South Korea)
  • Ivanna Escandar (Spain)
  • Amanda Marques (Brazil)
  • Phoebe Hagan (United Kingdom)
  • Maureen Blanquisco (Norway)
  • Jennifer Dorie (Canada)
  • Ashley Kaltwasser (USA)
  • Nittaya Kongthun (Thailand)
  • Alessia Facchin (Italy)
  • Lauralie Chapados (Canada)
  • Brenda Farias (Brazil)
  • Aimee Leann Delgado (USA)
  • Eszter Ozcella (Hungary)
  • Hyo Jung Kim (South Korea)
  • Vania Auguste (USA)
  • Romina Basualdo (USA)
  • Savannah Watchman (USA)
  • Zsofia Reka Molnar (Hungary)
  • Elisa Pecini (Brazil)
  • Sierra Swann (USA)
  • Reijuana Harley (USA)
  • Cristobalina Pajares (Spain)
  • Eli Fernandez (Mexico)
  • Jessica Wilson (USA)
  • Jordan Fisher (USA)
  • Jil Meret Schmitz (Thailand)
  • Areum Song (South Korea)
  • Lexus Redmond (USA)
  • Tatiana Lanovenko (Russia)
  • Dahya Jeon (South Korea)
  • Ariel Barley (USA)
  • Tara Grier (USA)
  • Savannah Dolezal (USA)
  • Gessica Brun (Brazil)
  • Halanna Jully (Brazil)
  • Ashlynn Little (USA)
  • Jordan Brannon (USA)
  • Ottavia Mazza (Italy)
  • Ariana Brothers (USA)
  • Maria Alexsandra Santos Rocha (Brazil)
  • Yurika Shigemoto (USA)
  • Tamekia Carter (USA)
  • Lisa Reith (Germany)
  • Daraja Hill (USA)
  • Valerya Fedorenko (Ukraine)
  • Reyna Perez Mecalco (Mexico)
  • Jourdanne Lee (USA)
  • Iulia Baba (Romania)
  • Ndeye Ndour (USA)
  • Kristina Brunauer (Austria)
  • Jessica Nicole Dolias (USA)
  • Roxana Marquez (USA)


Wellness Olympia

The Wellness Olympia has only been around for two years, but there is a lot of buzz for the third edition. Champion Francielle Mattos won’t have an easy path to a third title. Standing in her way will be past runners-up Isabelle Nunes and Angela Borges as well as 2023 Wellness International champ Kassandra Gillis. All 26 qualified athletes are below.

  • Francielle Mattos (Brazil)
  • Isabelle Nunes (Brazil)
  • Angela Borges (Brazil)
  • Kassandra Gillis (Canada)
  • Alexis Adams (USA)
  • Renata Guaraciaba (Brazil)
  • Amanda Burnett (USA)
  • Giselle Machado (Brazil)
  • Tefani Sam Razhi (USA)
  • Sandra Colorado Acal (Spain)
  • Lili Dong (China)
  • Leonida Ciobu (Moldova)
  • Frida Paulsen Stern (USA)
  • Lisa Meiswinkel (Germany)
  • Johanna Calcano (USA)
  • Danai Theodoropoulou (Australia)
  • Elisa Alcantara (Dominican Republic)
  • Rayane Fogal (Brazil)
  • Wynter Addams (United Kingdom)
  • Marissa Andrews (USA)
  • Nerilde Garcia Strey (Brazil)
  • Daniele Mendonca (Brazil)
  • Jacqueline Huescas Rios (Mexico)
  • Ismara dos Santos (Brazil)
  • Andrea Hrenko (USA)
  • Victoria Reyes Villa (Mexico)

Next week, we will break down Canada’s best chances to take Olympia wins in all divisions. Stay tuned to Muscle Insider for that as well as all the latest news leading up to the big event in Florida.

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