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2023 Olympia Saturday Night Results

History was made several times over at the 2023 Olympia Saturday night finals on November 4th. Three new champions were crowned out of the four divisions   You can probably guess who heard “and still” in his title defense. No need for a long intro with this one. Let’s get right into this historic recap from the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando


59th Mr. Olympia

To the fans’ delight, Derek Lunsford won the main event and $400,000 as well as the Olympia gold medal and Sandow Trophy. Not only is he the 18th Mr. Olympia and now the reigning one going into the 60th edition in 2024, but he’s the first man to win the Olympia in two different divisions. He was the 2021 212 champ as well. Hadi Choopan finished in the silver spot, and 2023 Arnold Classic winner Samson Dauda took third. Special shout out is in order for Brandon Curry. In spite of being hospitalized earlier in the week, he finished in fourth place.

  1. Derek Lunsford
  2. Hadi Choopan
  3. Samson Dauda
  4. Brandon Curry
  5. Andrew Jacked


Classic Physique Olympia

Canada’s own came through once again. In spite of a torn lat he suffered during his prep, Chris Bumstead claimed number five in the Classic Physique division, cementing his place as the G.O.A.T. Ramon Rocha Querioz and Urs Kalecinski finished second and third for the second straight season. Despite rumons about a possible retirement, Bumstead never mentioned hanging up the trunks.

  1. Chris Bumstead
  2. Ramon Rocha Querioz
  3. Urs Kalecinski
  4. Breon Ansley
  5. Terrence Ruffin


Men’s Physique Olympia

Erin Banks didn’t look the same as he did in 2022, and it cost him. Brandon Hendrickson got revenge on him for that defeat one year ago, but Ryan Terry swooped in and beat them both. He is the UK’s first Men’s Physique Olympia champion. He mentioned in his speech that he had finished eighth through second in the previous eight years, now he has number one as well.

  1. Ryan Terry
  2. Brandon Hendrickson
  3. Erin Banks
  4. Emanuel Hunter
  5. Diogo Montenegro


Bikini Olympia

Another champion was defeated on Saturday night. Maureen Blanquisco and Jennifer Dorie had their 2022 rematch in 2023, but this time the Canadian superstar came through in the end to take her second Bikini Olympia victory. Blanquisco came in second, and three-time champion Ashley Kaltwaser placed  third again. Ten years after her first Olympia win, she was still in the mix with the best on the planet. Fellow Canadian Lauralie Chapados came in fourth and 2019 winner Elisa Pecini rounded out the top five.

  1. Jennifer Dorie
  2. Maureen Blanquisco
  3. Ashley Kaltwasser
  4. Lauralie Chapados
  5. Elisa Pecini

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