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2023 Chicago Pro Predictions

The 2023 Chicago Pro is set to take place on the weekend of July 21-22, 2023, and ten of the IFBB Pro League’s 11 divisions are hosting contests. Tim Gardner has spared no expense on making this annual bodybuilding tradition one of its best editions yet. Let’s not waste any time and get right into who we think will be leaving Chi-town with wins and 2023 Olympia invites.


Men’s Open

  • Blessing Awodibu         
  • Stephen Daniels           
  • Jonathan DeLaRosa
  • Eiren Gauley    
  • Matt Kouba     
  • Stanislas de Longeaux  
  • Emmanuel Longoria     
  • Patrick Moore  
  • Erik Ramirez    
  • Justin Shier

Even though there are only ten men in the Men’s Open lineup, there are plenty of storylines. This is the 2023 debut of Blessing Awodibu as well as the pro debut of fan favorite Justin Shier. Patrick Moore is returning to the stage following a 10th place finish at the Arnold Classic, and Jon DeLaRosa has thrown his hat into the ring as well. The show will be fun to watch, but we see no surprises here. The Boogieman will move on to the Olympia with a third pro win.

  1. Blessing Awodibu
  2. Patrick Moore
  3. Stanislas de Longeaux



  • Armando Aman
  • Peter Burmester          
  • Ivan Cabrera    
  • Luis Ricardo Plata Duran           
  • Yumon Eaton   
  • Mohamed Embaby       
  • Jordan Janowitz
  • Kevin Johnson  
  • Chris Jones      
  • Francisco Mercado Jr.   
  • Jason Nguyen
  • Martae Ruelas

The 212 has 12 men in it, and there is no telling what will happen. No man in this show was in the 2022 Olympia, and none are already qualified for 2023. Jordan Janowitz made his pro debut one year ago at the Texas Pro and placed third. This will be his first show of 2023, and we’re going to predict him as the winner here. Kevin Johnson is another man to watch as a future star, and he will join Janowitz in the top three as will 2022 North American champion Jason Nguyen.

  1. Jordan Janowitz
  2. Kevin Johnson
  3. Jason Nguyen


Classic Physique

  • Krimo Ammari 
  • Theodor Atkins Jr.        
  • Anthony Barbera III      
  • Rob Brown       
  • Dylan Bursey    
  • Adam Cayce
  • Rodrigo Coelho
  • Tony Coke       
  • Gregory Dawson          
  • Javier Duarte   
  • Matthew Greggo          
  • Patryk Karpuk  
  • Vincent Krause 
  • Marof Montanary        
  • Jerark Toribio Perez
  • Marcus Perry
  • Tyler Sibley
  • Derrick Simmons
  • Robert Waterhouse

Dylan Bursey and Robert Waterhouse are coming off second and third place finishes at the Vancouver Pro. They will be rolling into the Windy City with momentum on their side. We see them placing first and second in this contest, but they will switch roles. Waterhouse could take the win with Bursey finishing as the runner-up. Joining them in the top three will be Anthony Barbera III, who was in the 2022 Olympia, but placed outside the top 15.

  1. Robert Waterhouse
  2. Dylan Bursey
  3. Anthony Barbera III


Men’s Physique

  • Muhammed Ali
  • Joaquim Camps Angel  
  • Patrick Asiedu  
  • Ayinde Avery   
  • Montae Bailey 
  • Donald Brumfield         
  • Derryl Bryant   
  • Drew Cullen     
  • Jason Hazzard  
  • Jorge Hernandez          
  • Benjamin Iverson         
  • Alonzo Jefferson          
  • Jarrett Jenkins  
  • Nick Koeu        
  • Evan Lilas         
  • Adon Marcus   
  • Jahvair Mullings
  • Chevy Phillips   
  • Alexander Rogers         
  • Justo A. Scott Jr.           
  • Anthony Sullivan          
  • Jacob Swisher  
  • Alexander Toplyn
  • Marcus Wesley

The final men’s division in this show could come down to Drew Cullen, Chevy Phillips, and Nick Koeu. This has been a tough division to predict because you never know who will show up out of nowhere in incredible shape. However, we will call them for the top three with Koeu taking the win.

  1. Nick Koeu
  2. Chevy Phillips
  3. Drew Cullen


Women’s Bodybuilding

  • Jessica E. Martin
  • Kristina Mendoza
  • Wendy Sanchez
  • Kyna Squarey   
  • Melissa Teich   
  • Maria Monica Vega

The Women’s Bodybuilding shows haven’t had many athletes in them, but those that do show up have been on point. Melissa Teich was eighth at the 2022 Women’s Physique Olympia, but she has now moved up. She wants to lock up the 2023 qualification now so she has over three months to prepare for the Ms. Olympia, and we think she will come through with the W. Any of the other contenders could be in the mix, but we will take Kristina Mendoza and Jessica Martin for the top three.

  1. Melissa Teich
  2. Jessica Martin
  3. Kristina Mendoza



  • Jodi Boam
  • Noemie Champagne-Cloutier
  • Anna Fomina
  • Sara Kovach     
  • Layla Mikayla   
  • Aurika Tyrgale
  • Annaleise Varga

So, if Sara Kovach is on the roster for a Fitness show, she’s very likely taking a top three spot at least. We think she will win this one, which can keep another athlete from qualifying for the Olympia because Kovach is already qualified thanks to her win at the Vancouver Pro. Jodi Boam of Canada and Aurika Tyrgale are going to join her in the top three, we believe.

  1. Sara Kovach
  2. Jodi Boam
  3. Aurika Tyrgale



  • Shanice Abrams
  • Ayra Bahar       
  • Autumn Cleveland       
  • Edith Driver     
  • Erica Freneey   
  • Ashley Radiance Fuller 
  • Rebecca Godwin          
  • Nelly Gonzalez 
  • Lena Johannesen         
  • Arianna Kinchen           
  • Adela Ondrejovicova    
  • Danielle Rose   
  • Viridiana Sanchez
  • Chie Terui

Like Men’s Physique, Figure has been very competitive all year long. Adela Ondrejovicova is already qualified for the Olympia, so she is in the same position as Kovach. Autumn Cleveland is also trying to get back to the Olympia stage, and she was second in Vancouver, so don’t be surprised if she actually takes the win herself. Danielle Rose has been in the top five twice this year, and she will be in the top three here.

  1. Autumn Cleveland
  2. Adela Ondrejovicova
  3. Danielle Rose



  • Mercia Abbado
  • Rhoda Allie      
  • Michelle Billett
  • Nina DiTommaso         
  • Savannah Dolezal
  • Alessia Facchin
  • Claudia Garcia  
  • Violeta Garcia  
  • Liana Giannamore
  • Katiuska Gintili 
  • Ashley Hampton          
  • Jill E. Humphrey
  • Kateryna Kauffmann    
  • Tatiana Lanovenko       
  • Paola Leon       
  • Adair Libbrecht
  • Lizzie Martinez 
  • Christine O’Malley       
  • Mary Ann Parks
  • Kaitlyn Ray       
  • Fallon A. Wainwright

Alessia Facchin is in this show, and she will very likely be the favorite going in. She already has one win to her credit, and Chicago would be a nice second victory to have going into Olympia prep. The same can be said for Tatiana Lanovenko, who also wants to keep another contender from moving on to Orlando in November. Ashley Hampton is a dark horse to watch in this division.

  1. Alessia Facchin
  2. Tatiana Lanovenko
  3. Ashley Hampton


Women’s Physique

  • Marie Berouskova        
  • Vallie Eden      
  • Marissa Jinkoji 
  • Marika Jones   
  • Natalie Juron   
  • Chunmi Kang
  • Lisa Kudrey      
  • Danielle LaMartina       
  • Kristyn Lia        
  • Alexis M. Lowery          
  • Renee Reefschlaeger    
  • Justyna Rudnicka         
  • Diana Schnaidt 
  • Nadia Vandal

Lisa Kudrey was fourth at the 2023 Vancouver Island Showdown Pro, and she’s won the Toronto Pro SuperShow in 2022. She could add this title to her list of wins and move on to the Olympia, but she will need to be watching for Diana Schnaidt, who has been in the mix at several shows, but has yet to win one. She is due to take a title, and this could be it. Also, keep an eye on Marika Jones, who has been working to make first callout and could here.

  1. Lisa Kudrey
  2. Diana Schnaidt
  3. Marika Jones



  • Charnice Bain   
  • Keana Burr      
  • Daniela Deiana
  • Quintaysia Goodley      
  • Amy Li 
  • Maria Paulette 
  • Edna Ferreira de Souza 
  • Danai Theodoropoulou
  • Kat Williams

This will be an interesting one for the fans because any of the competitors can take it. We will choose Maria Paulette for the win with Edna Ferreira de Souza and Kat Williams rounding out the top three.

  1. Maria Paulette
  2. Edna Ferreira de Souza
  3. Kat Williams

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