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2023 Ben Weider Natural Pro Results

Ben Weider was a co-founder of the IFBB and a pioneer of bodybuilding that impacted the fitness industry on a global scale. Athletes from all parts of the world gathered at the contest held in his honor on Nov. 17, 2023. The 2023 edition of the Ben Weider Naturals Pro hosted nine pro contests with eight of them offering 2023 Olympia invites to the winners. Here’s a glimpse at the results from that show.


Men’s Open

The Men’s Open contest was the one that did NOT offer an Olympia qualification to the winner, but Eric Salazar and Greg Grant competed for bragging rights, and Salazar emerged victorious in that matchup.

  1. Eric Salazar
  2. Greg Grant



As for the 212 showdown, Canadians Keiva Bundy and Peter Boncardo were competing for a trip to the Olympia on the line, and Bundy scored the win in a close contest.

  1. Keiva Bundy
  2. Peter Boncardo


Classic Physique

Lenny Wicks was the 2022 winner of the Classic Physique division, and he was considered a favorite to make it two in a row, but Han Jin Choi of South Korea disrupted those predictions. He emerged victorious in this show and is now eligible to enter the 2024 Olympia in Las Vegas, NV next October. Wicks was second place this time around.

  1. Han Jin Choi
  2. Lenny Wicks
  3. DeVon Causey


Men’s Physique

Kadeem started this year as an amateur hoping to earn himself a pro card by year’s end. Not only did he do that, but he now has a ticket to Las Vegas in his pocket to go with that pro card. Hillman made his pro debut and is now a champion thanks to his performance in Alexandria.

  1. Kadeem Hillman
  2. Chien-Hsin Chen
  3. Torre Washington


Women’s Physique

Andrea Alonso and Lee Ann Thompson put on a show in the Women’s Physique contest, but Alonso would get the better of the two to take gold. Thompson has potential to return to this show and become a champion in 2024 for sure. Canada’s Samantha Every accepted bronze in this tight contest.

  1. Andrea Alonso
  2. Lee Ann Thompson
  3. Samantha Every



Many Canadian fans were rooting for Abby Bolton to win the Fitness title, but like Every in Women’s Physique, she was placed third in this show. The title came down to Michelle Gales and Andrea Glass, and Gales held on to the win by a single point in what was considered the closest event of the show. Gales was very excited to finally call herself an Olympian following this win.

  1. Michelle Gales
  2. Andrea Glass
  3. Abby Bolton



We had figured Shanice Abrams would take the title in FIgure, and she made us look very good with our prediction by taking the win and 2024 Olympia roster spot. Nobody saw Rose Black coming, who shocked the field by taking second place. Florence Hunt settled for bronze in this ten-athlete lineup.

  1. Shanice Abrams
  2. Rose Black
  3. Florencia Hunt


We were way off the mark in our Bikini predictions, and Brittany Shulman shut the door on any other contenders the moment she took the stage. Lizzy Cunningham and Toneisha Gaddis looked very impressive and deserved top three spots, but Shulman left no doubt who the champion would be in this event.

  1. Brittany Shulman
  2. Lizzy Cunningham
  3. Toniesha Gaddis



The Wellness division was a fan favorite at this show, and Alisha Sturkie emerged to take center stage as the champion of 2023. Carie Bradshaw was a strong contender to take this title, but Sturkie was slightly better. Maria Rita Penteado joined them in the top three.

  1. Alisha Sturkie
  2. Carie Bradshaw
  3. Maria Rita Penteado

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