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2022 Vancouver Pro Results

Over 60 IFBB Pro League athletes, including over 40 Canadian stars, competed across six divisions at the 2022 Vancouver Pro, and the fans were treated to a very impressive show. In the end, six champions were crowned, and they are all moving on to the 2022 Olympia in Las Vegas, Nevada this coming December. Let’s take a look at the final placings as they happened in Abbotsford, BC.


Men’s Open

Winner: Iain Valliere

Valliere went into the contest as the favorite, and he didn’t disappoint. In spite of having to compete against the returning Antoine Vaillant, Valliere presented a full and well-conditioned physique that earned him the victory. This is victory number five for the him, and he will now make his fourth Mr. Olympia appearance, where he will hope to improve on his 7th place finish in both 2021 and 2020.

2nd Place: Antoine Vaillant

This was Vaillant’s first contest in almost two years, and he didn’t disappoint. As a matter of fact, he only trailed Valliere by one point after prejudging, which meant he had the potential to pull off the upset victory. He was shredded from top to bottom, and he looked as if he was enjoying himself back onstage. Valliere won the finals round with straight first place votes, but Vaillant could win a show if he chooses to compete again. It’s clear that the fans would enjoy seeing the Canadian back on the Olympia stage if he chooses to pursue that goal.

3rd Place: Hossein Kalate

Kalate is traditionally a 212 competitor, but he opted to throw his hat into the open for the first time at this contest. He was outsized by the top two, but he definitely looked as if he belonged up there with the rest of the big boys. His weight for this contest isn’t known, but based on this finish, he could compete in this division again and hold his own. Perhaps on the right day and contest, he may join Shaun Clarida and Angel Calderon on the list of men that have two Olympia qualifications.

  1. Iain Valliere
  2. Antoine Vaillant
  3. Hossein Kalate
  4. Jonas Giatras
  5. Seth Engman
  6. Martin Hernandez
  7. Chris Buhr
  8. Afandonougbo Thierry
  9. Kook Kwang Moon


Classic Physique

Winner: Chen Kang

This was Kang’s first contest since the 2019 Olympia, where he finished in 5th place, and he looked like he didn’t miss a beat in the three years since. His symmetry, size, and posing were all on point, and there was no doubt who was winning the contest from the moment he took the stage. The rest of the division now has someone to keep an eye on heading into the Olympia.

2nd Place: John Le

This was Le’s pro debut, and he showed that he had potential to win shows. In this case, it may not have been something he did wrong, but rather Kang was just so impressive that Le had no chance to overcome him.

3rd Place – Adam Beveridge

Beveridge turned pro at this contest in 2019, and it was his debut as well. Finishing in the top three of a Classic Physique contest in your pro debut is a feat he can be proud of.

  1. Chen Kang
  2. John Le
  3. Adam Beveridge
  4. Cody Amey
  5. Issac Baier
  6. Ethan Gohari
  7. Aaron Aramini
  8. David Anthony Tassin
  9. Kellen Wilson
  10. Cyril Gascon


Men’s Physique

Winner: Charjo Grant

Grant’s muscle maturity and experience made him the favorite, and he proved why here. Thanks to this win, he will now make his third straight Olympia appearance. He finished in 12th place the last two years.

2nd Place: Josh Bridgman

This was his first pro contest, and he gave Grant a run for his money at this show. Once he gets used to competing against the pros, don’t be surprised if he starts racking up several wins.

3rd Place: Xezekiel Afanou

According to NPC News Online, this was his first contest since the 2019 Tampa Pro. Clearly, he wanted the win, but finishing in the top three in this lineup is worthy of a hat tip.

  1. Charjo Grant
  2. Josh Bridgman
  3. Xezekiel Afanou
  4. Taylor Wilson
  5. Akbar Sarbaz Sarkhanlo
  6. Isaias Paez Martinez
  7. Shahin Zolfaghari
  8. Daniel Tomas
  9. A.J. Ellison
  10. Gurjinder Virk



We predicted that Abby Bolton would take the win in the Fitness division, and she came through for us. She actually placed third in the Physique round, but her routine (worth two-thirds of the overall score) was what sealed the deal for her. She will now move on to the Olympia thanks to this win. Noemie Champagne-Cloutier and Danniele DaCosta rounded out the top three.

Winner: Abby Bolton

2nd Place: Noemie Champagne-Cloutier

3rd Place: Danielle DaCosta



Ontario’s Valerie Ratelle finished third in Toronto, but she scored straight first place votes on her way to a victory here. She will now move on to the Olympia. She actually turned pro at the Amateur Olympia in 2021, but this time, she will face the elite of the pro division. Rounding out the top three were Dalila Xochilt Alegria and Brittany Offers.

Winner: Valerie Ratelle

2nd Place: Dalila Xochilt Alegria

3rd Place: Brittany Offers

  1. Valerie Ratelle
  2. Dalila Xochilt Alegria
  3. Brittany Offers
  4. Jennifer Reece
  5. Mandy Urner
  6. Melissa Cech
  7. Kim Clark
  8. Spomenka Miller-Stanic



Susana Aramoyo was our favorite going into the contest, and she left Vancouver with the title as Bikini Champion. Coming in second was Shelby Pierce, and settling for the bronze spot was Laura Ziv.

Winner: Susana Aramayo

2nd Place: Shelby Pierce

3rd Place: Laura Ziv

  1. Susana Aramayo
  2. Shelby Pierce
  3. Laura Ziv
  4. Tessa Barresi
  5. Karen Wall
  6. Elizabeth Yizrael
  7. Maxine Somov
  8. Ayleen Santander
  9. Taryn Flanagan
  10. Catherine Daniel

Bikini Masters


Winner: Karen Wall

2nd Place: Ayleen Santander

3rd Place: Catherine Daniel

  1. Karen Wall
  2. Ayleen Santander
  3. Catherine Daniel
  4. Jennifer Roberts
  5. Natalie Waples
  6. Maria Sharp

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